Are there words that you sometimes use to describe yourself that are not really what God says about you?  Like failure, shamed, or unworthy.  God says you are  blessed, anointed, healed, holy, and chosen.  Join us every morning as we write on a few of the names God speaks over us. ~ Breath on Paper BLESSED … Continue reading Blessed

Meekness – Not To Be Mistaken For Weakness

BLESSED ARE THE MEEK; FOR THEY SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH. Matthew 5:5 As we continue to write our way through the fruit of the spirit, we make our way to meekness, an often misunderstood attribute. People tend to think of meekness as cowardly passivity or weakness. This however is not biblical meekness. Biblical meekness is an … Continue reading Meekness – Not To Be Mistaken For Weakness