It Is Time

Breath on Paper is stopping.

For just over three years we have loved getting to be a part of your daily morning devotional.  But the time has come to put her to bed.  And like most changes we face in life – this too is hard.  

I liken it somewhat to a mother dropping her beloved daughter off at college.  While it is time… I cannot imagine how to survive without her.   A heart full of emotions heaping with a measure of sweet joy and yet a spoonful of sadness sprinkled throughout. 

God blessed our small group of ladies meeting each Sunday afternoon, week after week and month after month, to publish 1,130 posts.  We allowed our hearts to bond and we grew to love each other like true sisters.  Between the lot of us, we have walked through vast seasons of life, drawing strength from God while leaning on each other for encouragement and fellowship.  And for it God has made us stronger.  What would I have done without these precious ladies God sent to my living room every week?

Each sister gave her love of writing back to God and He used it in this blog.  We believe that God gives all of His children gifts, and when we give it back to Him, He uses it to bring glory to His Name.  We pray that you will discover your gifting and use it to make a difference in someone else’s life. 

Thank you to over thirty women who, over the last three years, have given countless hours to bless so many.  

Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38

And mostly … thank you for your faithfulness to Breath on Paper. 

7 thoughts on “It Is Time

  1. Oh no so sad so hard feel as if you are all family what will I do without all of my friends its like you are all family to me and shall be missed greatly. We are all connected in some way to each other.Blessings to all of you wonderful women you made my morning so bright.!!!!!!!

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      1. Love you, Cindy. You have blessed me Everytime I read your work.

        I had to close my small group this fall after 5 weeks bc my hubby had his knee replaced. This is my full time job for the next few months.

        This will probably be the last small group I will be able to lead for a while. So I feel a great sense of loss. These gals were like yours. I’m just not very good with describing my experience with them and now my loss.

        Love you Cindy 😘!


  2. So sad to see you stop the blog but know also there are seasons to everything in life. You all have blessed my heart beyond anything I can describe every morning as I drink my coffee and read BOP. Thank you for pouring yourself into my life these last several years. May God bless each of you as He leads you into the next area of ministry He has for you .

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  3. I am thankful that a God gives us the ability to experience several emotions at the same time. We can grieve the lost of something and look beyond believing for a great joy before us. As a family, we may not see each other as often, but we are a family and trust God to supply what is needed in each life. Good job, well done…your Father God is the one who will reward.. for each word written under the anointing power of a God. Love you so much.


  4. Will I still be able to go to this site and be able to pull up old daily devotionals you have already posted and for how long will these be availabale


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