You  are  altogether  beautiful,  my  love;  there  is  no  flaw  in  you. Song of Solomon 4:7 ESV

“He Said It and I’m Claiming It”

Alarm clock rings at five o’clock on the dotand I hit snooze until 6:20ish and then rush like no one’s business to wake my little ones up so they too can join in on the fun of running around like a chicken with its head cut off. 7:30am this hot mess express is rolling out of the driveway regardless of who is on board. Sound familiar?Unfortunately, this was the norm for most mornings in the Cosby household.  

Then I was left looking in the mirror at a shattered face that wished I was dressed to impress with flawless makeup and amazing hair and then I started to question myself and everything that goes with it. Not only did I question myself, but I questioned God and wondered just exactly what was He thinking when He decided to give me a shot at life.I began to question my looks, where I was on this road called life and just how well I was measuring up to being a good mom, a faithful wife, a loving daughter. I mean when I sat down and really weighed it all out, the lies from the enemy started pouring in and he nitpicked me to pieces. He reminded me about the time I broke my daughter’s spirit with my own words out of mere frustration, or how about the time my marriage was screaming for help and I just sat there out of pure exhaustion. Or hey, remember that time I was so caught up in the things going on around me that I let a precious friendship fall through the cracks?

See, the enemy is good at this stuff, good at telling you that you aren’t pretty enough, smart enough, or just reminding you of all the times you were less than perfect. Then begins the journey where you start to compare yourself to other women. Then the doubting process starts, and before you know it you lose complete sight of what God says about you and the situation you are in.  

In Song of Solomon 4:7 God says I am altogether beautiful and there is no flaw in me. In Galatians 1:15 God says I was chosen before I was born and He called me HIS marvelous grace.He told me in Psalms 139:14 that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God loves me just the way I am, driver of the hot mess express and all.

I know without a doubt that if He loves me and tells me that I am beautiful inside and out, even with a history a mile long that makes the world scream out to me that I am far from beautiful, then please know God thinks the same of you too. How amazing is it to know that God was intentional when he made you and me? He handpicked us to be His very own, and when He made us, He announced that it was good. If God says it then I am claiming it! I am forgiven and saved by grace and God says I am beautiful!  

Leaving you with one more food for thought a moment before I go. I read a post not too long ago that was titled “God’s Letter to the Woman Who Thinks She’s Ugly” by Grace Valentine. In this post (which was incredible and you should totally make time to read it if you haven’t already) she said, “I know you think you aren’t pretty enough. But I did not create you to be enough for the world. I didn’t create you even for this world. I created you for something BIGGER. Know your worth my child, know that you may never be pretty enough for this world but this world has no importance. You are more than ‘pretty enough’ for me. You were created this way for a reason. Your purpose is your best accessory. You may not feel beautiful, but I promise – I hung the stars and painted the sea, and made you in the image of me, and that is beautiful.” My friend, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ❤️

Because you are what God says that you are!  You are enough!

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img_4435Amy Cosbyis a sinner saved by grace with a heart for God and a love for people.  She is the wife to a daredevil tower climber, a mother to two preious girls and the glue that keeps her office together at Alabama Power. She loves to laugh, spend time with friends and family and she coaches cheerleading for the Moody Blue Devils youth cheerleaders.

Feature Image Photo by Morgan Sessionson Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. I am 56 years old and everyday I look in the mirror and say “What happened to you? Where did my youth go?” Then my daughter will send me a picture of my granddaughter whose hair is finally long enough for teeny- tiny pigtails and I remember that it is worth the sacrifice of beauty. These bodies are temporary, they were designed to die. But one day we will have one that won’t breakdown and is more beautiful then we can imagine, but we won’t care, because we will be with God, and in the end that is all that really matters. Still it is humbling to know that even in these broken vessels, God finds beauty in us.

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