Letting Go Of Fear

Growing up as a dancer, my natural tendency and lean in life quickly became to perform. Over the years I became very good at it.  Recently I also took the enneagram test, which once again affirmed this. If you haven’t taken this yet, it’s another great personality test to help discover things about yourself and the people around you.

The test affirmed that I am naturally an achiever, which means I find the standard of success in my environment and I do everything I possibly can to meet it. Because of this, for years my fear has been of failure. Failure of meeting the standard of people. Fear of parents, fear of teachers, fear of friends, fear of employers, and the list goes on.  I walked for years in bondage to thousands of opinions and standards. I feared failure based on the measure of success that had been set.   

How many of us, whether a 3 on the enneagram test or not, have done this?

We fear failure in our jobs, as a spouse, as a mom, and as a friend. Because of this we have carried the weight of rejection. It’s no longer, “I failed or that person rejected me.” It’s now a label that we are rejected. If you have not yet experienced freedom from this, my prayer and declaration over you is that “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.”He is the lifter of your head and your heavy burdens because His yoke is easy and light. If you stand in a place filled with fear that the God of the universe is somehow disappointed in you because of yesterday or last week, can I rebuke that lie right now?  Not because we deserve it and not because we are good, but because of Jesus Christ!  Our God has faced every fear and every failure smack dab in the face and conquered it once and for all. He made a way in the desert for you and created streams of living water. He desires good things for your life. Talk about freedom!! There is no pressure. In the absence of fear, we get to experience his grace and walk in total and complete peace and rest.

So what does the absence of fear really look like?1 John says “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment.”

Do you believe and trust that God really did what He said He did and believe that in your weakness He is strong? I heard the absolute best analogy by Larry Stockstill the other day. He said we should live our life as a “wet mop on a log.”  When we let go of fear once and for all, we enter an unbelievably peaceful place of total trust and surrender.

So what is the opposite of fear? Trust. If we truly learn to trust, our everyday moments have the opportunity to not just be safe and protected. Our sweet, trustworthy Daddy wants us to be a vessel for His life, freedom, healing, restoration, and redemption. Nelson Mandela said,  “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Our God has triumphed over much more than fear. He conquered death, hell and the grave so that you could experience freedom.

Today, my prayer for you is to open your hands and let go of control, let go of the pressure, and walk in the peace and rest that he has for you. Take today, tomorrow and the next and begin saying out loud, “I trust you completely, Lord.” As you speak the truth of the One who created the universe and meditate on it, you will discover that His word does not return void. The same tool He used to speak life and existence to this world is the same vehicle you have available to make total peace and rest in Him a daily reality.  So go for it sweet sister!  God has unbelievable things in store for you!

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Elizabeth Farr adores her incredible husband, Cason. Her passion is seeing people experience the abundant life God has for them.  She has the honor and privilege of doing this full-time at Church of the Highlands. Her favorite things are games, giggles, and chocolate.

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