Don’t Discount Your Dreams

Isn’t it easy to discount what we feel like the Lord is saying to us by rationalizing it away? We make so many excuses why we can’t do what the Lord is calling us to, and it only takes one of our excuses for Satan to provide us a thousand more. He so wants us to question whether or not our God still speaks.

Over the past several years I’ve felt the Lord telling me he has “more” for me. When I first felt this sense of more, there was absolutely no direction, I just kept hearing the word “more” over and over. Various opportunities were being placed before me and, although some of them were not necessarily the “more” I had in mind, I began to walk in them, keeping in mind God’s promise that if we are faithful in the little things, He will bless us with the big.

He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much… ~ Luke 16:10 (NASB)

As I prayed and walked in these small things, the Lord began speaking to me about a bigger plan … one that is way outside my comfort zone and which I feel completely unequipped to do. Quite frankly, it seems like a pipe dream, so beyond what I can hope for or imagine that it feels absolutely impossible! In praying for wisdom and guidance, the Lord has given me eyes to see how He’s been orchestrating this plan for quite some time, providing me small puzzle pieces along the way that He’s using to form a beautiful picture.

Nothing, you see, is impossible with God. ~ Luke 1:37 (MSG)

I’ve been working towards my seemingly impossible “more” for almost a year now and there have been so many reminders along the way that this calling is God ordained! I would be lying if I said that it’s all been smooth sailing … Oh, no. Anytime we are walking in God’s calling, Satan is right there to whisper his lies!I recently met with my ministry partner to brainstorm God’s “more” plan. Things were going well, God was providing vision, and the words were flowing! As my friend began to share some of her writings with me, I almost immediately heard that voice creep in … you know the one, “You’re not good enough,” “She’s a much better writer than you,” “You have nothing to bring to the table,” and the list goes on! I shared with her the doubts about my abilities, and she, of course, reassured me that they were NOT true, and deep in my heart I know that too. But, don’t we as women beat ourselves up by living in a constant state of comparison to other women? The enemy wants us to live in that place of comparison and insecurity because it’s there that he can really work on us!

But, when we ask God for confirmation and closely listen, He will speak to us! I’ve received little confirmations along the way as I’ve been faithful to walk in my “more” journey, but recently God spoke to me in a very tangible way through a dream. In the dream, I was cleaning out my supermessy potsandpans kitchen cabinet. As I began pulling everything out, allowing me to see deep into the back of the cabinet, I found various household items, including a multipack of paper towels and a bottle of Shout, both of which have been on my shopping list for quite some time. Yes, it was an odd thing to dream and I totally could have dismissed it as my subconscious reminding me of my “to do” list. Instead, I laid still, thinking, reflecting, and listening. In my spirit, I heard the Lord say, “Amber, you have everything you need deep inside. Just allow me to pull it out so it can be used!”

What are you currently asking the Lord to speak to you about? He WILL answer, but you have to be willing to listen! Don’t discount the little things God is using to reassure you that YOU are His daughter and He is writing your story! Sister, pull those paper towels out and get busy walking in your calling … He will do the rest!

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Amber Edwards began Blessing Bag Ministry, affording her numerous opportunities to share her love for the Lord with many lost and hurting.   A native of Birmingham and Huffman High School, Amber is happily married with two teens and working as a Legal Assistant/Paralegal.   She enjoys leading women’s small groups and serving as Captain of the Events Team at her church.  Her true passion is for others.  Read Ambers BoP bio here.

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