Intentional Design

“Why am I glad to be a woman?” The story of me answering this question for myself is quite hilarious. When I received the topic, I literally said, “God you are so stinking funny.” Why? Because it’s definitely been a journey.

Let’s be real here. When we look at our lives and sometimes the picture culture depicts of women and the life they lead within their home, having the day-to-day responsibility of being homemaker, caring for their husband, and containing the chaos of children, plus potentially having a full-time job on top of that, I personally have not always been sure I could confidently say “I AM glad to be a woman.”

Before moving forward, let me stop and give you just a little personal background so you don’t perceive me as this crazy, feminist woman, because I’m definitely far from that. I am a young wife in my twenties with no kids yet (praise His name!) in full-time ministry with a call on my life, like all of us, that is so much bigger than myself. So, like all of us, I am daily in desperation for the Holy Spirit to guide me as I continue to realize I have NO clue what I’m doing and have so very much to learn.  So as I share my own personal discovery, I hope you have a heart of grace and understanding to know my heart for both male and female alike is to understand the beauty of who our God is and both excitedly be able to say “I’m glad to be a (insert your God-given gender here).”I think we can all agree that He speaks so directly and beautifully to the order and purpose for gender within marriage. After all, we (every human declaring Jesus as Lord) are the bride of Christ and have the extraordinary call on our lives as husband and wife to be a reflection and picture of the most redemptive and powerful story of love to ever be told. After Adam, God said, “It’s not good for man to be alone” (Gen 2:18). You, sweet friend, have the divine call, as Eve did, to be the very good thing that was missing. You make things whole and can be the very voice of multiplication and affirmation to the identity of every individual around you, especially your husband (Prov. 31:10-12).

For me, however, I knew that. Even still, I have found myself over the last year asking the Lord, “Outside of marriage, what role does gender play in society and purpose for everyday life? Or does it?” You see all over the Word, both in the New and Old Testament, that every role in society has generally been played by both male and female. Hear my heart. I don’t say this to prove something. I just really truly want to know God’s answer for this and be able to boldly say for myself “I am glad to be a woman.”   The entire time, I’ve known the answer couldn’t be “no” to the question: “Does gender play a purpose outside of marriage?” Why? Because our God so perfectly and beautifully knit every single one of us in our mother’s womb for a very specific purpose. Nothing He does is by accident, so if that’s the case, what is the role and purpose of it? (Ps. 18:30)

Yesterday, because He is so sweet and timely and loves when we wait on Him and truly press in to know every facet and character of who He is and what He has for us on this earth, He gently and beautifully revealed to me that every portion of who you are—every hair on your head, every desire in your heart, every personality trait, and every gifting—was so instinctively designed to be the absolute best mix for your family, every city you live,  every workplace you work, every conversation you encounter, every relationship you invest, every opportunity you steward, and every moment of your every single day (Lam. 3:25). Sweet daughter and precious son of the Most High God, NOTHING is wasted.(Ps. 139:1-18)

So live today and every day trusting that your good, good Father(James 1:17)who thankfully you can’t understand (who would want to serve a God they could put in a box?) has declared over you that there are things for you to do and people for you to love that only you and the beautiful mix of gifts and personality in the body you are in can do.You are enough and more than that; every portion of you is on purpose by a God who is good, trustworthy, and faithful yesterday, today, and forever (Ps. 102:27). So be bold and on purpose, knowing you are equipped with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places (Eph. 1:3). You are an ambassador of heaven and an heir of Jesus Christ sealed, with the Holy Spirit (2 Cor. 5:20 & Eph. 1:13).  So, let’s not forget: you are extraordinary.

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Elizabeth Farr adores her incredible husband, Cason. Her passion is seeing people experience the abundant life God has for them.  She has the honor and privilege of doing this full-time at Church of the Highlands. Her favorite things are games, giggles, and chocolate.

Thank you Elizabeth for writing with us today!  💕 BOP

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