Black Cat

I have to tell you about Black Cat, my friend Taylor’s cat.

A couple of years ago, she adopted a tiny, homeless black kitten. Bless his heart, he was afraid of everything! She does like cats, but he was more of a charity case than she counted on. He lived mostly out of sight, moving from under one piece of furniture to another. When he did make an appearance, he was generally content to stay out of reach.

Back at the beginning of the year, Taylor moved out of her appartment to a condo downtown to start graduate school. On moving day, Black Cat made his escape while the men were moving furniture onto the truck. Taylor was distraught, and I must admit I was surprised. Black Cat was almost a non-pet, living in the same place as her but seemingly not happy about it. Basically, he was a bad roommate who ruined the couch and had to be cleaned up after. And my warm-hearted friend had already adopted another stray, named Mackie, with a more people-oriented personality.


I tell you, I would have left Black Cat to his own devices. But not Taylor; she knew that although he had been a stray, he hadn’t lived on his own long, and given his fearful nature, she was sure he wouldn’t last long on the streets.

And like the diligent pet mom she is, she began a month-long vigil at her old appartment watching for any sign of Black Cat, talking to the neighbors, even setting a humane trap to try and catch him when she heard he was still hanging around the appartment. She even slid under the house a few times to check the crawlspace and bait the trap with Chick-fil-A.  (I’m not kidding.)

The morning of her birthday, Taylor was driving over to the apartment to check the trap yet again, having baited it with salmon (actual salmon, not cat food–this is so Taylor) the day before. On the way there, to hear her tell about it later, she was having it out with God over this cat. (You know how it is when you just NEED something to work out!)  While certainly not a strategy to be used lightly, emotional outbursts do count as prayer, if they are oriented correctly (see A LOT of Psalms).

She crawled under the house dutifully checking again like so many times before. . .

And this time. . .

Well, you know he was there! Why in the world would this make an amazing blog post if he wasn’t??!!

Okay, I get it — one chick finds her long-lost cat. So what? No big deal! There are real problems in the world. North Korea! Putin! Racism! Sexism! OMG, how do we even get out of bed in the morning in this country!

But. . .

Honestly, that is exactly what makes this event so profound. Here we have a grown woman who wanted nothing more at that moment in time than to find her ill-tempered but much-loved cat. For her birthday.

As we are reflecting on drawing close to God, let us not forget Jesus’s advice to Cornelius: (maybe it was the disciples?)

Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom heaven. Matthew 18:3

  • May we never become too sophisticated to overlook the wonder that is a wish fulfilled.
  • May we be wish-fulfillers ourselves (just like our Father) when we see an opportunity!
  • May we always trust in Him for the same, and in His good plan, that it is ALWAYS good!

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    IMG_7616Joni Butler has called the ‘Ham home since 2012. Officially, she’s here for employment but has found a home here at Breath. Though an avid diarist for years, this is her first writing gig. Jesus is her best friend and she loves pursuing Him passionately.  You can read more about Joni in her Breath Bio. 


2 thoughts on “Black Cat

  1. Black Cat, Black Cat can’t you see?
    Too many times I have been Black Cat – running/hiding from the God of the Universe who wants only the very best for me. Like Black Cat, my own fear of the unknown keeps me living in the crawl space away from the one who loves me more than I could hope or dream.
    Great story Joni!

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