Ever Ready to Respond – Rachel Dunaway

The clock incessantly ticked away as my heart grew anxious. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. All I wanted was for a text notification to pop up on my phone. Why hadn’t that person responded to me yet? Insecurities began flooding my heart. It seemed like something inside of me was caving in my craving for connection.

That’s how it is sometimes, though. Sometimes all we want is to connect with someone…anybody. Maybe it’s a desire for the handsome gent to text message us back, for the cool mom group at dance class to invite us into their mom group, or to be noticed by the right person at church. Sometimes, we just want to feel seen, known, understood, and appreciated by certain people that are in our world. We’re humans: made for connection. Yet oftentimes our hearts are left disappointed with the heart-aching realization that we have been overlooked.

Being a single lady in a tech-savvy world, I have had my fair share of moments where I have waited anxiously for a morsel of affection to come via iMessage. Lame, I know—but oftentimes all I really wanted was a response. Frustratingly, many times, my anxious heart had to be put to rest as I wrestled with the fact that no response was coming.

Ah, what an opportune time for the enemy to sneak in and to lie to me about who I am. You know the moments where you feel a little less than and a lot overlooked. What a great moment for him to play us like a deck of cards and reinforce every insecurity we have, escalating us into the belief that no one really wants to connect with us at all.

As the enemy’s lies tumbled in my brain, the Lord whispered the sweetest truth into my heart, “I long to respond to you. I find you quite enchanting and have since the beginning of time.” I was officially a puddle of goo. Speechless at the thought of God finding me enchanting and mesmerizing… “Why would God long to respond to me?” I wondered.

As I wrestled with the words He had just spoken to me, He breathed more encouragement into my soul. He reminded me that I’m a lot like the Israelites…you know, the ones that couldn’t get their stuff together, but somehow, someway, the Lord always loved them.

We see Him reinforce His infinite love for them when He tells Hosea to go and love Gomer, his unfaithful wife. Mirroring His love for us in Hosea 3:1, the Lord tells Hosea to, “Love her as the Lord loves the Israelites,” which means infinitely and passionately. Although I’m kind of a mess, like the Israelites and like Gomer, God still has this little cavern in His heart that I was made to fill, full of love earmarked especially for me.

With that realization, it hit me: I couldn’t double-text away God’s affection for me, be too much or not enough for Him, or be tarnished enough for Him to deem me undesirable—or worse, not worth a response.

In fact, His adoration for me, and for us, is deep and wide. Unwavering. Steady. Unchanging. He does not see us as disposable, like so many people in this world. Our love is the exact type of love that He desires. Our friendship is the exact company He wants to keep. We are the apple of His eye, and all He wants is to connect with us. It’s not a one-way street with God like it is with so many people. He actually promises that He will show up. In Hosea 2:21, the Lord says, “In that day, I will respond.”

Not only does He love us passionately, but He is responsive to us!

Because God sees us, adores us, and delights in us, we’ve got to stick it to the enemy when he fabricates the lie that we are unlovable, undesirable, and unwanted. The days will come where all we want is to connect with somebody, where our longings far outweigh our capacity to cope. On those days, let’s not cave and crumble in our craving for connection, but let’s confidently draw close to Jesus, knowing He will respond. – Rachel

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Rachel Dunaway is a vivacious B’ham native with insatiable curiosity and a hunger to connect with humanity.  In her free time, you can find her globetrotting, eating chocolate ice cream, laughing with loved ones, or shaking her groove thing. All along the way, she loves encouraging others and reminding them of their hope and value in Jesus! 

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