Choosing One Verse is Hard – Liz Masoner

Writing about my favorite Bible verse isn’t hard from the standpoint of writing but choosing one single verse is hard. Every verse leads to another and then to another. But if I have to pick just one favorite verse, I think it would have to be …

James 4:7 – “So submit to [the authority of] God. Resist the devil [stand firm against him] and he will flee from you.” (AMP translation) 

How powerful is that? How completely amazing? If we submit ourselves to God and resist the devil, he will run away. The creature who dared to challenge God Himself will run away from us, mere humans? Of course, what the devil is running from is the power of God that resides in us when we accept Him. Still, what could we possibly fear when the devil runs away from us?Liz Masoner Guest Writer - Breath on Paper Blog
I constantly hear people say they are struggling because they are under attack from the devil or the devil is after them. Of course, the devil wants to steal our happiness and our relationship with God, but why let him? Resist and he will flee. I’m afraid it’s become the easy thing to blame struggles of any kind on the devil and sit back and hope they will go away when, instead, we need to recognize which struggles we create with our own decisions and which ones are just part of living in a fallen world.  And if it really is something that feels supernatural in nature … resist and he will flee from you.

Is a low bank account really an attack? Or is it just a symptom of a series of small bad decisions or bad timing? Are we hurting ourselves by making the devil a scapegoat? Are we unintentionally making it easy for the devil to steal our joy and our relationship with God by not resisting and, instead, rushing to give him extra power so we don’t have to face ourselves? Resist and he will run away.

Feeling depressed? Is it really the devil whispering at you? Or is it mental illness or seasonal affective disorder or the stress of a thousand little things that come from living in a fallen world? Is blaming it on the devil a way to not have to face things, to not have to resist? Do we do his dirty work for him by sabotaging ourselves? Rise up and dive into God’s will and resist the devil … he will flee from you.

Life isn’t always easy. The Bible doesn’t promise an easy life. But God’s Word does promise that He will never leave us. It promises that not even something as small as a sparrow can fall without Him knowing and that He loves us so much more than a sparrow. The Scripture tells us not to worry. It tells us that God, the Creator of all, knew us before we were formed in the womb. So stop making it easy for the devil. Resist, knowing that He who created everything has your back, and the devil is gonna run away. ~ Liz

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Liz Masoner is an author, photographer, and editor.  She is a contributing photographer to Christian stock photography site  When not working or sewing, she enjoys volunteering with local nature causes.



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