The Ancient of Days – Stacey Benson

I wish that I was more of an abstract thinker. As my husband and I look at building a house, I study our house plans and have trouble visualizing what everything is going to look like. I simply have a hard time seeing it all. Now, my husband? He can clearly see the end product from the beginning. Oh, to be able to do that!

This handicap I have also makes it difficult for me to focus on the person of God. I can easily see the evidence of His work in my life. I can appreciate His goodness, mercy, and grace. But when I try to focus on God himself, the one actually seated on the throne, and put my attention there, I often struggle. Trying to focus on the “person” of God and not just His attributes often frustrates me. I desire to love on Him well, not just enjoy His benefits.

Recently, I was pointed to a verse of scripture in Daniel 9 that has become one of my favorites.

“I kept looking until thrones were set up, and the Ancient of Days took His seat; His garment was white as snow and the hair of His head like pure wool.” (Verse 7).

Some theologians believe that this vision given to Daniel depicts Jesus’ return to heaven after he had descended into the earth for three days, and after he appeared to Mary Magdalene. It was during this vision that Jesus was declared the victor over death and received the pronouncement of his everlasting, sovereign power before the court of God. Praise the Lord!

There are precious few scriptures that speak to the physical attributes of God. So when I first read verse 7, I felt a chill run down my spine. I sucked a quick breath into my lungs, and it caught there as my mind’s eye beheld the scene. It was the “Ancient of Days” part that gripped me so tightly. Mostly, I call Him “Father.”

Never had I called Him the “Ancient of Days.”

But there He was, robed in pure white, hair as untainted wool. The scripture goes on to say that His throne had been rolled into place by those attending to His needs, and then… when everything was prepared, He took His seat. What an awe-filled moment! Can you imagine the atmosphere in the room just then? Can you see it?

One day, not too long ago, my husband showed me a computerized image of our future den and kitchen. It’s called a CAD, or computer-aided design, drawing. That was a game-changer for me. What a gift! I could see it in 3-D then! It was not an exact picture of what I would see when at last our house is finished, but it was enough of a picture that I could orient it in my mind. Immediately, I asked if he could do that for ALL the rooms! I wanted to see more!

I feel the same way about my glimpse of God through Daniel’s vision. I want to see more of the Ancient of Days. I want to be better able to love on the One who created every galaxy as well as every hair on my head (even the gray ones!). I want to love Him well, just because He is, and for all that He is. He deserves nothing less from me, from us as His children. Not for what He can give or has given us, but because of who He is.~ Stacey 

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Stacey Benson is a nurse, blogger, mother of four mostly-grown amazing children and a wife of twenty-eight years to her best friend.  Stacey believes we were created for community and there is more that we share in common than that which divides us. We need each other!   Check out her blog at  Cracked Pot Pieces – Everyday epiphanies…just not everyday, Mondays and Thursdays, mostly.

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