Lord, Why Did You Let This Happen? – Reba Barlow

I was looking forward to a busy happy summer for this ol’ 77-year-old lady.  It was Monday and was sprucing up the house and back porch looking forward to a few ladies coming for an afternoon fellowship later in the week.  The garden had been planted on Good Friday and was coming up nicely along with a few weeds, so I was planning to work hard, keeping the weeds out completely just like my mother always did.  I even planned to use her favorite hoe to accomplish this summer task.  Was right in the middle of piecing a quilt for Cindy using her daddy’s shirts as the triangles for points in the stars, had worked hard all day and was looking forward to going with a few ladies to a workshop in a nearby town that night. 

Life was good and I was looking forward to a busy happy summer.  

Reba Barlow Guest Writer Breath on Paper Blog

Just before my friends came, I noticed my front door still open and headed to close and lock it.  I don’t have good lower vision and tripped over my Great Dane sleeping peacefully in the middle of the floor.  Tripped, fell and slid two feet, laying there moaning. Out of concern, Baccus began kissing me.  My daughter Debbi,e who lives next door, had just left  to go to her daughter’s for a spin-the-night visit.  I hated to bother her with this and decided to go on to the workshop.  My friend came in and we prayed God would heal me.  Holding my arm carefully, we went on. Made it home and through the night. Pain was intense.    

Asking … Why did you let this happen, Lord?

… two broken places in upper left arm, surgery, two new metal plates, hospital stay, constant pain, home to recuperate, hurting all over, unable to get around those first few days.  I just wanted to stay in bed and not move.   Debbie was a wonderful nurse but I was not a good patient. 

Lord, WHY?

The home therapist asked me why I was staying in bed all the time.  Looking him in the eye, I told him I was hurting – all the time.  He explained that was a good way to get pneumonia and I could hurt just the same sitting in a chair.  Well, I did. 

A friend shared how she was reading Proverbs each day.  Since this is the 9th day of the month, she read the 9th chapter and would finish in one month and then start over.  She included five chapters of Psalms as well each day.  I liked the idea and started doing this also.  It has brought about a miracle in my life. 

I’m on the third month and third time.  Oh, what a difference it has made in my life in so many ways.  I find myself falling in love with Jesus more and more!!  Hallelujah!!!

My arm was slowly healing and hurting less.  And I still asked God, Why?  But I began to grasp the benefits in “the valley”  to become stronger as a child of God. 

… going to therapy three days a week and sharing the excitement of reading Proverbs each day and remarking something I learned that day from it was fun.  God’s Word is contagious!

I was still asking Why? but was getting ideas of how I could serve God even in this condition.  Bear in mind I had not been able to attend church in two months.  While taking a shower one morning, God let me know He wanted me to start earnestly praying for a different person from my church each week, and the first one was our organist, Mona.  Did not know her well but prayed for her all week.  Was led to make her an intercessory ‘scrubby’ pad crocheted of strips of netting.

Back at church that Sunday I gave it to her, explaining how God led me to pray for her specifically.  She was to remember to pray for someone every time she used the scrubby.  We parted with holy hugs. 

The next Sunday she shared that she, the scrubby, and Mr. Clean had scrubbed her stove nice and clean while she prayed for her mother.  When she asked her mother how she was, she declared her week had been better.  As she told me, we rejoiced and praised our Lord!! 

What a joy to serve our Lord this way.  

I have continued allowing God to choose who I pray for each week.  There are so many lonely and hurting people who need to know we care and are praying for them.   We can make a difference!  They need to know we love them and will continue to pray for them.  Just think, in one year we will have 52 loved ones we are loving and praying for. 

What a joy to be used as His child!   

It’s been over three months since “the accident” and I no longer ask God Why?    I am thanking Him that He still can use me in His kingdom, and my Bible study is now so much sweeter.  I can thank God for all things because I trust Him and know all things are in His control. ~ Reba

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RebaReba Barlow, an avid lover of The Word and woman of Prayer, is retired to Northern Mississippi.  She is mother to three girls, Granny to ten, great-granny to four, and an avid gardener of both vegetables and flowers. She is a natural encourager and has a heart to introduce her best friend Jesus to everyone she knows. 

2 thoughts on “Lord, Why Did You Let This Happen? – Reba Barlow

  1. Reba,
    Your post made my day! I have been through a similar thing and often asked God, “WHY?”. I used the down time to pray and draw closer to the Lord. And as I age, 56 and counting, and struggle with memory issues as I battle Grave Disease, I find m confidence is so low and I am hard on myself. But God is showing me how trials can be used for good and that He has a great plan for my life, at any age. Bless you sister!

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