30 Things God Says

For the last few weeks the writers at Breath on Paper have shared 30 Things About Me in an effort for you, our readers to get to know us better, proving we are all Unique in our own ways.   It was fun and quirky and we hope we showed you that we all have things in common.

There are a few other really amazing things that we have in common too…. 

What God says about us!

What if we all followed Jessica’s daily affirmation?  

The next time you walk in your bathroom, climb up on the counter, look at your Beautiful image in the mirror and proclaim all that is God in your life!

You are who God says that you are:
  • I am Forgiven.  
  • I am Set Free.  
  • I am Accepted,  
  • I am Redeemed.  
  • I am Never Forgotten.
  • I am Victorious.  
  • I am a Confident Child of God.
  • I am Made New.
  • I am Loved!
  • I am who God Says I am!
  • I am the Apple of His Eye! 
  • I am Approved.
  • I am Valued!
  • I am One of a Kind.
  • I am a Masterpiece!
  • I am who God Says I am!
  • I am Beautiful!
  • I am Equipped.
  • I am Anointed.
  • I am Talented.
  • I am Blessed.
  • I am Chosen.
  • I am Bought with a Price.
  • I am His.
  • I am the No Longer a Slave.
  • I am Blessed
  • I am She Who Believes.
  • I am who God says I am.
  • I am the Temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • I am Complete in Christ.

Let’s celebrate what we have in common and Believe what God says about us.

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