My Moment in the ’96 Olympics

It may not have been as a competitor in Equestrian Jumping, BUT I did have my moment in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.  When I was 12 I had the honor of carrying the Olympic torch for 2 kilometers through Birmingham because of an essay and poem I wrote on what Olympian Spirit means to me.  Only 8 students were chosen across the state.  Definitely was one of the biggest honors I’ve ever received.

Breath on Paper is taking the next two weeks to share 30 Things About Me…. things that you may or may not know about us.  We are uniquely and wonderfully made by a God who loves variety.  You will get a glimpse of our personalities in this peek behind the curtains of Breath. Enjoy!
30 Things about Heather Whidden for Breath On Paper BlogAre there any on the list that you can relate to?  Let us know in the comments below.
  1. I’m a selective perfectionist or suffer from selective OCD, depending on how you wanna look at it.  I don’t have to wash my hands 20 times an hour or anything, but I am overly persistent on certain things.  Communing w/God helps keep this under control, but Lawd help us when I’m going through a dry patch!
  2. I am super competitive.  If you ever go up against me in anything, oh it’s on!  I may lose embarrassingly, but it won’t be without me putting in 110%.
  3. I’m not super girly.  I carry a purse when necessary but really not used to doing so.  I have never liked wearing dresses.  I don’t like shopping.
  4. I know more Disney songs than the average adult should.  I’d like to say it’s because I have 3 kids 8 and under, but that wouldn’t be true.  My kids don’t watch half as much Disney as I did growing up.
  5. The word “impossible” means absolutely nothing to me.  It’s literally not in my vocabulary.  God says that all things are possible with Him.  I believe it.
  6. I will spend weeks fighting a stain in clothing until it’s gone.  I am the queen of stainfighting! (See # 1 & 5)
  7. I LOVE horses!!!  Growing up I had dreamed of being an Olympic Equestrian jumper, and started taking lessons when I was 13 to move toward that goal.  Until Christopher Reeve had his accident and my parents put a sudden halt to that for my protection. I finally owned two for a few years after I got married, until circumstances required us rehoming them.  I hope to own horses again someday.
  8. I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt, several times over, even if they don’t deserve it.  I believe there’s more going on than what’s on the surface.
  9. I don’t give up on people.  If I’ve ever believed in you, I will forever believe in you, no matter how bleak things look or or how many others give up.  I will always see your potential and always believe in you. (See #5 & 7)
  10. You can’t lose my love and I will always forgive you.  No matter how how deep someone may cut me, I still love them and will forgive every time.  I’m just wired that way.
  11. I love to laugh and make others laugh. I love practical jokes and goofing off.
  12. I wrote a fiction book/series when I was 12 that was 487 handwritten pages long.
  13. I love Anne of Green Gables and truly believe I should’ve been born during that time period.
  14. I wear glasses on occasion.  I’m just a little nearsighted since my 30s.  I probably should wear them more, but I forget. 
  15. It may not have been as a competitor in equestrian jumping, BUT I did have my moment in the 1996 Olympics.  When I was 12 I had the honor of carrying the Olympic torch for 2 kilometers because of an essay and poem I wrote on what Olympian Spirit means to me.  Only 8 students were chosen across the state.  Definitely was one of the biggest honors I’ve ever received.
  16. I would have 10 kids if my husband would agree to it.  He won’t. Lol! 
  17. My favorite band is Lifehouse and equally my favorite song is their song “Everything.”
  18. I love heights!
  19. I LOVE sushi!  I could eat it every day and never get tired of it!  And pile on the fish eggs! (That one is for you, Amy. 😏)
  20. I’m an extroverted introvert. (It’s a real thing, I promise.  Google it.)  I love people and being with them, but if nothing is planned I’d rather be at home chilling out.  
  21. TV, I watch it but could so live without it.  I’ll watch a favorite series repeatedly rather than start a new one.  My favorite shows are Smallville, Fraiser, Once Upon a Time and This Is Us.
  22. My all time favorite movie is Ever After, followed by Titanic, which I saw 18 times while it was in theaters. (I was 15.😏)
  23. I started going gray when I was 18 and had no choice but to start dying my hair at 27 once it was past the point of plucking if I wanted to remain looking my age.  (It’s true if you pluck one two more grow in it’s place.)
  24. I’m very Irish, not Italian or Greek, though I look it.  It took 3 years of dating my very Italian husband to convince his family of that.
  25. I can talk in different accents and cry on cue.  I think I could’ve had a successful career in acting had I ever chosen to pursue it. (Ok, ok. So maybe it’d take more than turn key water works and multiple accents to be a successful actress.) My kids think it’s hilarious when I use my Australian accent. They call it talking like a mermaid.
  26. I LOVE Coke!!! I’m certain God has my mansion fixed with an endless flow of it.
  27. I like both dogs and cats. Beyond feeding them I don’t like taking care of pets. My kids are enough maintenance for me to handle without adding to it.
  28. I love looking at the stars.  I once had a desire to be an astronaut and there’s a small part of me that still wishes I could do some intergalactic traveling.
  29. I’ve been a professional photographer since I was 19. I majored in photography when it was still film, learning how to take good photos WITHOUT instant satisfaction.  I’m very grateful for the digital technology; I’m just sayin.  AND I know how to handtint photographs. (Not that that technique is even in demand anymore. But I still know how to do it!)
  30. I have BIG dreams, like having books published and being an inspirational speaker; Lisa Bevere style….one day.


IMG_7722Heather Whidden loves Jesus, is married to her best friend and is mother of 3 blessings.  She is a professional photographer and has a heart for ministry.  She loves spending time with her family and friends, writing, reading, and traveling.  Time and people is what she values most.  You can read more about her here.

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