I Love You

She sat in the floor playing with her toys, squealing and giggling.  Those sweet pink cheeks full of grin as she worked diligently at her task of play;  I could watch her for hours.  Oh, how she made my heart smile!

Her focus changed and she was up again, toddling around back and forth, clearly on an important mission.  My sweet Selah, so busy with nonstop exploring her world and so fixated on whatever was at the front of her mind.

I watched her in adoration, with a cheshire cat grin and so much love for her that I was certain my heart would explode for lack of containing it all.  I laughed amusingly, as only a mother would, at every little thing she did, from her force-feeding her grandmother Goldfish, to her sweet baby babble as she was on the move.  Everything was cute.

She continued buzzing about the room, preoccupied with her business when suddenly she made a sharp turn and headed straight for me.  I didn’t expect the impromptu change in her focus as she approached me with her arms stretched wide and her sweet face fixed in that precious smile.  I quickly reacted with open arms as she embraced me and gave me a very intentional kiss before she turned and went back to her bustling.

I swear in that moment my heart grew ten times.  I quickly became a marshmallow and began melting into a puddle of gooey emotion, turning to my mom and oozing out that emotion in a high-pitched tone. “Oh my gosh!!!! Did you see that?!?!  She just stopped in the middle of her busyness to come give me some love, for no reason!   Just ‘cuz she wanted to!!!”  It absolutely amazed me that my toddler, who wasn’t even two, had the heart and mind to choose to interrupt her focus to come love on me just because.As I sat there processing the cherished act my sweet baby girl just displayed for me and thought how there’s nothing in this world I would deny her because of it, I heard a voice so clearly speak to my heart, “That’s how I feel when my children stop to love on Me.  I want that.”

Hot tears stung my eyes as I replayed the words I’d just heard in my head, and I understood.  Wow!  I wasn’t expecting a God moment like that just in watching my toddler play.  I wasn’t even thinking about Him when He chose to speak to me. What a gift!

That memory is forever ingrained in my mind. It was the moment that solidified my understanding, even if only by a fraction, of how God feels about us as His children as He watches us living life.  He not only adores us, but desires and relishes our attention and affection.  Quite a different take on love.  

We tend to fixate our minds on His love and what it means to us, but how many of us really stop to think what our love means to our Father?  Before that moment, I confess that it never crossed my mind.  The same is true for countless others.  What would it look like if we were all so intentional as to stop in the middle of our busy lives and just love on our Heavenly Father for no reason other than just because we want to?  To call His name without a grocery list of prayer requests on our mind or even the need to thank Him for a list of blessings?  What would it look like if we chose to stop long enough even if only to tell Him I love You?  We do this with our loved ones who are in the flesh, why not Him?  Our days would look so different, as would our attitudes.

My relationship with God went to a whole ‘notha level that day.  From then on I’ve tried to be intentional about spending time with Him for no other reason than just because I love Him.

Just as I had no limit to my love for my baby girl, God has no limit to His love for us.  In fact, just as mine did for Selah, His love for us only grows and He displays it constantly.  The same should be for us; no limit to our love for our Father.  We need to let Him know.

Take time to stop in the middle of your busyness just to tell your Father, “I love You.”


IMG_7722Heather Whidden loves Jesus, is married to her best friend and is mother of 3 blessings.  She is a professional photographer and has a heart for ministry.  She loves spending time with her family and friends, writing, reading, and traveling.  Time and people is what she values most.  You can read more about her here.

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