Peace, Be Still

If only my heart wasn’t hurting.  “Give me peace, Lord,” I pray.

I hear a sweet, sympathetic, calming voice,

“Oh my child.  The Power is in the hurt.  There is where the peace is found.”

Suddenly I’m experiencing a scene with Yoda in an episode of Star Wars and I’m feeling very Luke-like, “huh?”

When I sit still and just think about God and all that He has done for me — rescued me, saved me, protected me, provided for me, loved me beyond comprehension, and so much more — I forget about today and today’s circumstances and hurts.  I’m in a moment with God, my Father.  

I have peace.

Nothing’s changed.  I’m just in a moment with God.  Things still look bleak and uncertain, but I sense peace in the moment with God.  HE is the only difference.

God, my Father, has taught me and the Holy Spirit has reminded me on many, many occasions that Christ is my peace.  HE is the Prince of Peace. 

I love God, I love Christ, I love the Holy Spirit, so why is it so hard sometimes to sense peace when life throws a deadly curve ball that crashes into your head sending you violently to the ground?  I think it’s because at that moment of impact, the heart shatters.

A shattered heart is a dangerous thing – dangerous to the whole body.  I’m not sure if praying for peace will mend it.  So how do we get there?  What’s the catch? Or maybe the right question is, “Where’s the snag?”  If God is always with us, He will never leave us or forsake us (Deut. 31:8), but we don’t sense His peace, then there must be a snag. 

Find it.

So the journey becomes an investigation into finding the snag.  There are only two things in the world that matter, one – The Trinity and two – me.  When it all comes down to the nitty-gritty of life, those are the only two things that matter.  It doesn’t seem like it but it is – our relationship with God.  God is perfect and infinite in His Wisdom, so the snag must be with me and no one else.  Oh, yes, someone else may have sent me into a tailspin nosedive, but it’s up to me to pull up.  And pull up I can, with HIS help.

You see, God is in control but we want to be in control.  We’ve got to remember to give HIM the control.  It’s hard and sometimes feels impossible, but it’s still necessary.  This life is a gauntlet laced with dark dangers with every step because the world is fallen.  Sometimes the enemy can be seen far away and in God’s mercy we can divert to safer paths.  But sometimes he’s already upon us before we know it, and in God’s mercy we are in the midst of a great and mighty storm.

When the disciples panicked at the storm that came upon the lake, they awaken Jesus, fearful that they would drown.  Jesus rebuked the wind and the raging waters ‘peace, be still,’ and all was calm (Matthew 8: 23-27).”  When we go through storms in our lives, we panic.  Where is our faith?

“Lord, help me to journey through my storm and into Your promised land of Peace.  Command me, ‘Peace, be still,’ I pray.

Beth Ferguson is a creative writing enthusiast-wannabe although her primary interest is in counseling. She received her Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling from Birmingham Theological Seminary. Her main area of focus is counseling women who have been sexually abused. Her mission is to lead hurting women to freedom through God’s healing power.


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