Dare to Dream

Daydream3 picA friend was sharing with me about an event she attended this weekend. It was called the Dream Catcher’s Workshop. The title alone caught my attention. It was an opportunity for women to hear an industry expert, encourage one another, share ideas, and have a gourmet brunch. Some of the women have even left corporate America to pursue their dream. How exciting it is to daydream, to think about the possibilities of what can be.
I was talking to a lady some years ago about this very topic. I will call her Agnes. After a few seconds of sharing, I realized that her countenance seemed downcast.

disappointed lady pic“What’s wrong?” I asked.

Agnes looked into my eyes and said, “I have given up on dreaming.”

Her demeanor displayed contentment and her tone was soft but adamant. The pressures of life and relationships had taken a toll on her, and she couldn’t bear to expect anything good to happen. It saddened me to think of her existing in that way, but I know how easy it can be to fall under the spell of apathy or cynicism.

For the wealthy Shunammite woman, life went on in the midst of what she lacked. In fact, life was good. She had become content with what she had, and didn’t miss what she didn’t. This lady was doing her best to serve God, by making things easier for the prophet Elisha. When his servant, Gehazi, asked her what she wanted, she wouldn’t even tell him anything.

Gehazi informed Elisha that she didn’t have a son, and so Elisha called her and told her that, “This time next year you will hold a son in your arms.” Now, that sounds like great news for a woman who probably had everything else she wanted. After all, this was a time period in which women were looked down on for not birthing children. So surely she would have wanted a son. But what did she say?

“No, my lord, O man of God; do not lie to your servant.”

The New Living Translation says, “… don’t deceive me and get my hopes up like that.”

Have you ever been there? You finally get to an okay place. Your emotions are stable. Your outlook is positive. Then somebody comes along and shakes up your apple cart. Maybe it’s a potential love interest, after you’ve promised yourself that you’re not going to go there. Or it could be a spiritual friend reminding you of what you said God told you to do that you haven’t done yet. In fact, you’ve decided that it wasn’t God who said it in the first place. It can almost make you angry when they get your hopes up, when the sleeping giant of uncertainty is awakened. But have no fear. God has given us a wonderful imagination, and within certain bounds it can lead us to great life experiences and even solutions to world problems.

I have looked into the faces of mothers and grandmothers who are worried about the safety of their children. I’ve heard stories of derailed careers and declining health. And I find there are at least two types of people. There are the people who don’t think things can get better. They’ve given up. They’ve seen the same thing for so long, they wonder if
change is really possible. Others agree that, “anything is possible to those who believe.”dream pic
They are the people that have committed to dreaming because they believe that God has more for us than what we have grown accustomed to. Dreaming gives us the opportunity to think of positive and successful outcomes for issues we face. It allows us to carve out a vision, which we need, because the scripture says,

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” –Proverbs 29:18

So my friend, of these types, which one are you?

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Cassandra Woods is an inspirational writer and speaker who has seen God’s word become real in her own life. She finds great joy in sharing God’s love with other women and encouraging them to develop an intimate relationship with God. Cassandra is married to Christopher and is the  mother of a teenager and three young adults. To read more about her, click here.

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