I Just Want to Be Clean

water purity pictureIt could have been bad, I mean really bad, but fortunately for me I had a timely warning and escaped the worst.

The queasy stomach feeling lasted for a short time and then it passed, but I understand that some others have not fared as well.

I will spare you the details.

In an effort to treat my body better, I had begun to juice fruits and vegetables. Somewhere I learned that it was a good way to get some needed enzymes and nutrients quickly into my body. Well, it went really great for a few days and then I decided to add beets to the regimen. A friend told me to only use a little, because some people have a detox-type reaction to beets. Thanks for the warning Cheryl. 

DetoxMy memories of a detox included headaches, fatigue and a real “blah” feeling. I certainly didn’t want to experience that again, but I was on a mission, right? I don’t know if you’ve ever done a detox before, but it’s fairly common for you to feel worse before you feel better. That in itself is not appealing. It seems the whole goal is to eat foods and take supplements that encourage your body to release toxins and chemicals that may be affecting how well your body functions. Basically, it’s a purification process that’s supposed to help you make great use of all the good stuff you feed your body.

In the story of David and Bathsheba, some believe that Bathsheba caught the eye of David while performing a ritual cleansing as a symbol of purifying her body from her monthly uncleanness.

God has always been very serious about ceremonial cleanliness. To me, baptism is a symbol of being spiritually cleansed. Imagine a list of every wrong thing you’ve ever done or said in your whole life just being canceled out as if you’d never done it or said it. A clean record.

“You know, even though God waited patiently all the days that Noah built his ship, only a few were saved then, eight to be exact—saved from the water by the water. The waters of baptism do that for you, not by washing away dirt from your skin but by presenting you through Jesus’ resurrection before God with a clear conscience.”  -I Peter 3:1

purify pictueJesus insisted that John baptize him. And, well, anything that was important to Jesus is high on my list. After all, He is our example. When I miss the mark, I want to cry out to God like David, when he was confronted about his sin. “Create in me a clean heart…Wash me clean from my guilt. Purify me from my sin.”
I am thankful that there’s a purifying process for our soul, the intangible part of our being that needs “cleansing by the washing of the Word.” I believe this is something that can’t be done too often. And like a good detox, sometimes you may feel worse before you feel better. But the better is oh so good.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or nutrition professional, and do not provide medical advice. Please consult your physician before adding any supplements or making any dietary changes.

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Cassandra Woods is an inspirational writer and speaker who has seen God’s word become real in her own life. She finds great joy in sharing God’s love with other women and encouraging them to develop an intimate relationship with God. Cassandra is married to Christopher and is the  mother of a teenager and three young adults. To read more about her, click here.


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