Choosing To Forgive

Years ago a young man chose to do drugs and get in his car and drive. During his drive he struck the car of some dear friends of mine, costing the life of one friend and injuring two others. This young man’s choice sent him to prison and affected so many with grief and pain.

I had to learn to give my pain to God, forgive, and let Him keep the hurt. It was the only way to be free from the root of bitterness that was devouring my heart and keeping me in a prison of pain.

In 2 Samuel 11 we find David making a choice to act on his lustful desire for Bathsheba. He took what was not his to take, for Bathsheba was Uriah’s wife, one of David’s thirty mighty men.

Seeds of bitterness could be planted in your heart when you figure out it is your granddaughter who was forced into this affair with David. You find out it was David who had Uriah murdered to cover up the baby that was his. And now you are helplessly watching this infant die because of David.

Sometimes the worst pain is seeing someone you love suffer at the hands of someone else.

Ahithophel was a friend and chief counsel to David, and Bathsheba was his granddaughter. The seeds of bitterness for what David had done took root in his heart and poisoned his soul. He became a traitor and joined Absalom in his rebellion against David. He counseled David’s son Absalom to rape his father’s concubines in the sight of all of Israel. (2 Samuel 16:20-22) Ahithophel could not forgive and became a slave to bitterness. In the end, it drove him to suicide.

In spite of the pain of losing her first-born son and a good husband, Bathsheba chose not to let bitterness take root in her heart. Unlike her grandfather, Bathsheba let God’s grace heal her broken heart.

She became the wife of David and she found the grace to forgive her husband of his horrible sins against her. She found the strength to put the past behind her, and in the end won David’s love and respect for her.

Bathsheba’s story is a message to us that no situation, however bad, is ever hopeless if God is involved.

The Messiah was going to come from David’s line and could have come through any of his wives. I think God honored Bathsheba by putting her in the line to be the grandmother, many times removed, of His Son Jesus, because of what was done to her and her heart to forgive.

  • What hurt are you holding onto?
  • Has your heart become bitter?

Jesus gave us the perfect solution for the poison of bitterness when He taught us to pray…

“Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.” Luke 11:4

You may be saying to yourself, “I can’t forgive.” Jesus knows you can because He did it for you.

Choosing forgiveness is one of the most difficult things God asks us to do, especially if we believe that whoever hurt us is in the wrong and doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. But God instructs us to practice forgiveness. And when we choose to follow the path of forgiveness, we will experience the peace and joy that come through obeying God’s Word. ~ Joyce Meyer

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Cheryl Crawford is a daughter of the Most High King, saved by grace. Her degree and field of work are in accounting, but would trade it all to farm if she could. She enjoys reading, writing, gardening, SEC football and playing cards with friends. Cheryl is a natural organizer with a heart that loves to serve. You can read more about Cheryl on her BoP bio

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