Everybody Plays The Fool

Have you ever had moments where your life flashed before your eyes? Riding in the car with my sister created some of those moments for me. It seemed like every time she got behind the wheel of a car the other drivers on the road would trigger some  IMG_0594foolish road rage within her. I will never forget the day she rode the bumper of a black Mercedes mile after mile, and with each passing mile I was sure we were not going to make it to the next mile alive. She finally calmed down, but she played the part of a fool that day.

The fool my sister played could be said of all of us.

At some point, everybody plays the fool.

We all have moments where we do something foolish or say something foolish, and apart from Jesus there really is no exception to the rule.

In 1 Samuel 25 we meet Abigail who is married to Nabal, a wealthy, wicked and foolish man. Her  experience teaches us how to live and deal with the fools in your life. In parts of the story I saw how I have acted the fool Nabal was at different times in my life. I also saw myself reacting as David did when I have encountered the foolishness of others.

Nabal treated David’s men harshly when he hurled insults at them and refused to give them food. I know we could all think of someone who has treated us harshly, but I wonder if we searched our own hearts if we could think of a time when that was true of us? I know there have been times I have been impossible to deal with, and said words that were not very gracious to others.

David overreacted to Nabal when he told his men to, “ Put on their swords!” No man was going to be left alive in Nabal’s household.

“A hot-tempered person starts fights; a cool-tempered person stops them.” Proverbs 15:18

There is a danger when you get around a fool because you may end up responding like one just as David did.

Enter Abigail who is intelligent and beautiful. A woman who is caught between two proud, angry men who are both acting like fools. Nabal, her husband, and David, who is going to be the next king. Abigail responds with a wise discerning heart. She did not let fear stop her from taking immediate action to diffuse this bad situation.

She goes to David in all humility. She was the voice of wisdom and reason.

“She opens her mouth in skillful and godly wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness.” Proverbs 31:26

Abigail’s plea to David changed the whole outcome of the story.

We all need people who will give us godly counsel when we are playing the fool.

We need godly people around us who will be that voice of wisdom and reason like Abigail was for David. Who will love us enough to speak truth into our lives. And we need to learn to listen and act on that counsel every time we are playing the fool.

Every one of us would be a Nabal with a foolish heart of stone if it wasn’t for God’s amazing grace.


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Cheryl Crawford is a daughter of the Most High King, saved by grace. Her degree and field of work are in accounting, but would trade it all to farm if she could. She enjoys reading, writing, gardening, SEC football and playing cards with friends. Cheryl is a natural organizer with a heart that loves to serve. You can read more about Cheryl on her BoP bio


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