Jerking the rug, booting the perps

But her [Hannah] rival wife [Peninnah] taunted her cruelly, rubbing it in and never letting her forget that God had not given her children. (1 Samuel 1:6)

IMG_9762As I opened the front door, he barged through and bounded up the stairs and into my home.

Without a second thought, I allowed the perpetrator access into what had moments before been a safe haven. Wide-eyed and glaring, my dog Jake stood guard, ready to protect me from the evil that had just come upon our home.

I had happily agreed to care for my friend Erin’s dog Yadi for the weekend. “Jake will be fine with him.” I told her. “They’ll get used to each other.”

After about an hour together, Jake relaxed enough to hesitantly play with Yadi. If Yadi stood up, Jake stood up. If Yadi laid down, Jake laid down. If Yadi ventured off to explore my home, Jake was right behind him. Like me wired with caffeine, Jake was stimulated by every movement occurring around him. When Yadi finally decided to take a nap, Jake laid down nearby, tuckered out, and dozed. The uninvited guest had made himself at home in Jake’s territory, and Jake quickly became used to having him there.

In my personal life, I didn’t just open the door to the intruder, I sent a private limo, rolled out the red carpet, and gave him a personal key to my heart and mind.

My perpetrator showed up as a Peninnah of sorts — through the constant flow of sharp, defeating words defining me as unwanted, undeserving, undesirable, and discardable. He took direct aim at the most valuable asset of my God-given existence: my identity. My weak foundation crumbled as I adopted every lie spoken against me and worked as hard as I could to prove each word was completely true. Just as Jake had done with Yadi, I curled up with the enemy, closed my eyes, and accepted his presence in my life.

Carpet2And you know our adversary loves nothing more than to keep us in bondage to his lies. His desire is to claim our territory as his own. If he can conquer the mind, he can keep you and I from living the lives God intended us to live.

But thank God He came to reclaim as His the territory this girl had lost! Through life-giving words spoken through the believing souls in my life, God tore through the veil that had blinded my eyes from His Truth that I am deeply loved, fully pleasing, and totally accepted because of Christ. Because I have experienced freedom from the bondage of the master perpetrator’s lies, I am able to speak life and truth into the lives of others. Genesis 50:20 tells us,

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

And nothing gives me greater delight than sharing my experience, strength, and hope with others as we jerk the rug out from under the enemy, kick him to the curb, and bar the door.

Do you need to boot some perps?

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img_9181-1Pam Weyant recently traded the harsh Midwestern winters for the sunny South.  When she is not spending her time as a freelance court reporter, you will find her loving up her adorable cocker spaniel, hiking, traveling, writing creative nonfiction, or working out.  Her passion is sharing her story so others can join her in celebrating the freedom found in a redemptive Savior

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