What’s Love Got to Do With It?

“The proof of passion is perseverance…Passion makes us stay the course when everything else tells us to run.” – Steve Furtick

That’s a powerful statement that caused me to think of passion in a different way.

We’ve all experienced passion in one form or another. It may have been through an inspirational speech delivered about a heartfelt cause, or the intensity of a loving relationship. But one thing is for sure, we know it when we feel it.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

When we talk about Leah and Rachel, we may think of Rachel and Jacob sharing a passionate love, while Leah was less than a side thought.  Leah’s father sold her into marriage to Jacob, who had not chosen her.  How degrading it would be for a woman to believe she was so insignificant, that her father would force a man to marry her as part of a package deal.

I believe her father’s insensitive choices caused Leah unnecessary pain. Rejected by her father, she went into marriage hoping that one day her husband would really love and appreciate her. Though she had a relationship with God, for years Leah still looked to a man to make her happy and fulfilled. As unfair as Leah’s plight seems, Jacob still loved Rachel more.

Leah continued serving the Lord. This was evident in her acknowledgement of the Lord, after the birth of each of her first three sons. Even so, Leah was disappointed that Jacob still didn’t truly love her and treat her the way she wanted to be treated.      

picture-lightbulb-ahaBut one day it happened. Leah got a revelation after birthing her fourth son. She woke up and realized that her passion was misplaced. The God of heaven was on her side, and he loved her more than any man could. She was set free and said, “This time I will praise the Lord.”

It’s a beautiful thing to see God in action in our lives. One moment you can feel like the world is coming to an end, then you seek God through his word and something in the scriptures seem to jump in your spirit and take hold of your heart. Suddenly, everything seems different. I’ve been there. In a down moment, I played some worship music, focused on my Savior, and a short time later, things seemed different. Nothing had changed, except my perspective, but suddenly, God was bigger than my problem.

The truth is that God saw what Leah was dealing with all along and chose to give her several years of childbearing joy, while Rachel was barren and unfulfilled.

Though God eventually blessed Rachel’s womb, she didn’t get the opportunity to watch her children grow up and be apart of their lives. She died during childbirth on the way to Bethlehem.

picture-tombstoneLeah persevered and lived on with Jacob. After his death, he was buried next to Leah with his parents and grandparents. Praising the Lord made a huge difference in her life. Leah persevered. She was there in the beginning and she was there in the end. That is the proof of passion.

Read more on Leah with us on our “Learning from Their Examples” series.


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Cassandra Woods is an inspirational writer and speaker who has seen God’s word become real in her own life. She finds great joy in sharing God’s love with other women and encouraging them to develop an intimate relationship with God. Cassandra is married to Christopher and is the mother of a teenager and three young adults. To read more about her, click here.

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