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As you read this, I want you to think about how you can be faithful in things God has called you to do, before he answers your prayer. Because we often get so caught up in wanting to know the answer, that we overlook the opportunity to grow into the answer.

In the book of Genesis, we see Rebekah and Isaac’s love story unfold through Rebekah’s faithfulness in the things unseen and Abraham’s servant’s obedience in trusting God that He’d bring the right wife along for Isaac. In Genesis, we see each of these characters grow into their ” answer.”

Abraham faithfully prayed for a wife for Isaac and then God gave him an answer.  He sent his most trusted servant to go to his homeland and find a wife for his son among his relatives.  After arriving, his servant prayed for God to give him a sign for his success. He prayed that should he ask one of the women to give him water, that she would do so, and that she’d offer to water his animals also. That woman happened to be Rebekah.

God delights in giving us blessings, but doesn’t want us to take for granted the things in between.

I’m a worship leader. I have a choice whether to live a life of worship or live a life that is revolved all around me. Three years ago, I got a vision of myself leading worship to a congregation of people at church. So after I got that vision, I prayed. I seeked. I did everything I could to press more into what God was calling me to do. A few months later, I got on my Church’s worship team, which led to my first solo, which led to me trying out for my school worship team, which led to my 2nd solo, and so forth. Now I’m a full time worship leader at my school.

Being diligently faithful in the things God has called you to be is such a beautiful thing. It’s beautiful because it’s a sign of eagerness. An eagerness to grow. An eagerness to live more like The Lord on a daily basis. Setting our mindsets to a lifestyle of worship and faithfulness, is the best thing to do.

“Your faithfulness extends to every generation, as enduring as the earth you created.” Psalms 119:90 NLT

If you really think about it, when you set up your life as a ” faith lifestyle ” you’re setting up your life to be an example for the generations to come. If you look at some of the most influential leaders, you’ll see that the past generations in their family set up a rock solid foundation for them to look at.
For example, my parents had parents who constantly poured into them as a person spiritually, mentally, and physically. Now, they’re some of the strongest and most influential people in my life, but they didn’t get there over night.  They had to be trained to live a lifestyle of faith. They had to go through seasons where they were just standing on faith and nothing else. Now I look at them, knowing all the things that they’ve been through, and they’re still rock solid Christians.

What’s something in your life you need to realign with God and live by faith in?


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