We all have Choices to make.

I grew up the oldest daughters of a farmer.  Now that I look closer, Eve was the daughter of a farmer also. Genesis 2:8 says, Now the LORD God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden;  That’s what farmers do; plant.  My daddy planted rice, cotton and soybeans and Eve’s father…well He planted The Garden in Eden.  Quite a difference! xbvqmhyrxh_1418865670585

As we begin our series on women of the Old Testament our First Lady in chronological order is Eve from the garden east in Eden. We all know her story…she was taken from Adam’s rib, the last of God’s marvelous creations and the one who succumbed to the persuasion of the serpent and ate the fruit. 
I have always taken this account literally. I am one who has no trouble believing  “And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.”  it was just one day. 

But I also believe the Bible is full of symbolism.  The Bible itself points us to symbolism…after the great flood, the rainbow represents God’s promise to never flood the earth with water again.  The rainbow is a picture of God’s promise to us. 

I’ve heard sermons proposing that Eve is a symbol of the Church or the bride of Christ and Adam represents Jesus or the bridegroom.  When Eve ate of the fruit it was a picture of us, the Church.  We sinned.  
Connecting those dots is not a far stretch. But at this point Adam had a choice to make. Would he too eat and join Eve OR would he denounce his bride to a life cast out of the garden without him, condemned forever while he stayed in Paradise?  
Can you see the symbolism between when Jesus chose to leave heaven and take on sin for us so that we are not utterly cast down and when Adam chose to eat the fruit Eve had already eaten? 
Jesus is often referred to as the second Adam, come to redeem what the first Adam lost. Jesus left Paradise to come and redeem us because we have all sinned.  Adam left the garden because Eve choose to eat the fruit. 
God made Eve from Adams rib. The church was birthed at Calvary when the spear puncturing Jesus’ side where the blood and water flowed. 
So while Eve may have been duped by the serpent, Adam chose to eat the fruit.  
Eve represents us.  Her story paints a picture of the Gospel.  We choose to do things that are wrong even when we know it’s wrong. The enemy dupes us into being offended or holding a grudge against someone when we know what God says about unforgiveness. We’ve all been lured-in by his lies yet again.  But Jesus still chose to pay the price for our redemption…knowing that we would mess up again and again. 
I am thankful for the symbolism painted so clearly in the third chapter of Genesis. And I am extra grateful that Jesus made the choice to redeem us all.

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. Romans 3:23-24

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Cindy Willingham is a landscape designer, small group leader, avid encourager, and sinner saved by grace who is eight years new to Birmingham, Alabama. Her sweet husband of 37 years, two married children and four grand-kiddos fill her life with unbelievable fun and sweet snuggles. She thinks God is awesome and that the best adventure starts with saying yes to that still, small voice. ~ To read Cindy’s BoP Bio click here.


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