Everyone I See

Genesis 1: 27 The Original Bible Art Journaling Challenges Series 17 http://www.rebekahrjones.com/bible-art-journaling-challenge/the-original-bible-art-journaling-challenge/:

It seems as if my entire life I’ve lived with a curse, and a blessing. I have this habit of seeing the good in everyone, and it’s gotten me in plenty of trouble.  However, it has also brought me so much joy. Goodness is the first thing I see, and I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Even those who have hurt me, still have a place in my heart. It’s my human weakness, and my spiritual strength. When I accepted Jesus as my savior, the ability to see good in people became accompanied with the ability to see God in people. I see God in old people, young people, white people, black people, Hispanic people, Korean people, and the list goes on.. I see God in people who don’t even know Him yet. 

I know you must be confused, so was I. I’ve racked my brain trying to think of something easy I see God in, and while I could think of a thousand things, nothing stood out to me more than God’s people. The truth is, I could have easily picked a simple analogy and given you a cookie cutter post, butMy God, Wow.........Thank You Jesus For All You Give To Me. Job 9:7-11 New King James Version (NKJV) 7 He commands the sun, and it does not rise; He seals off the stars; 8 He alone spreads out the heavens, And treads on the waves of the sea; 9 He made the Bear, Orion, and the Pleiades, And the chambers of the south; 10 He does great things past finding out, Yes, wonders without number. 11 If He goes by me, I do not see Him; If He moves past, I do not perceive Him;: our God is far from simple, He’s complex,  He’s something so much bigger than us, that our human minds can’t even comprehend Him in His fullness.
I could think of nothing better to see God in, than the very people He created in His own image. (Gen 1:27)

I mentioned earlier how I’ve always seen good in people, well when the ability to see God came along, the two became one. All the goodness I see, is all the God I see.  For me, the goodness of His people, embody who He is. God is the mom who took care of me when I was sick, God is the dad who made me laugh. He’s the stepdad who called me His own, He’s the friend that took me out on a late night food run. God is the black woman across the street who smiles at me in the mornings, He’s the Hispanic who laughs with me or maybe even at me) for not knowing Spanish. God is the customer who came in smiling, and wished me a nice day. But God isn’t just the goodness of His people, He’s the love of His people, even the ones who don’t know Him yet. Image result for crowded city street

I believe that God is the most present with His people, that the complexity of us, somehow ties in to the complexity of Him. Everyone I see, whether black or white, young or old, carries a piece of God, even if they don’t know it.

God is good, all the time. And all the time, God is good.  – Arrianna



Arrianna is a happy-go-lucky young lady who enjoys spreading the love of Jesus through: fashion, youtube, and writing. One day she hopes to be a wife, mother, and friend, but  most importantly, a world changer for the Kingdom of God. To read more about Arrianna, click here.


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