Behind the Scenes

What do you see when you look at this picture?

Look closely.


A few weeks ago I took the spiritual gifts assessment test for a second time and though nothing changed I wanted to branch out of my comfort zone and try something that was not me. There were plenty of dream teams to choose from: Events, Highlands Kids, Greeter and the list goes on.

After evaluating my test, the next step was selecting where I would chose to serve. One by one each team leader gave a brief introduction. After listening carefully I chose to serve on Highlands’s Production (so not me). Now keep in mind that I am by no means a tech savvy person. When I turn something on I expect it to work. But when Randy informed the group that if (you) could push a button this is the team for you. I said, “I can do that.”

Let me tell you it is more than just pushing buttons.

Recently, I had the privilege of going “behind the scenes” at a first Wednesday service. I observed the Alabaster’s Highland Production team faithfully serving God and others through the use of modern technology: audio, video and lighting. What I saw was nothing more than magical and I had a backstage pass to the show.

Standing in front a large console panel with monitors, screens, buttons and more buttons (that you are not allowed to touch) is where the magic takes place. Have you ever wondered how the words to a song appear on the big screen, the scriptures or how Pastor Chris appears before your eyes?

When I walk into a service and the lights are dim, the music playing in the background, and on the big screen are various images, I never thought much about it. I noticed the people in the booth pushing a button here and there but after seeing what really goes on I am amazed and wowed by the Highlands Production team.

In the hearts of people willing to serve…

   I saw God today.


Tonya Masoner is a part-time legal assistant and full-time school custodian. She enjoys thrift shopping, pizza Sunday’s and binge watching Netflix. She loves telling people-“God’s got a sense of humor… I don’t even drink coffee.” Her Breath on Paper bio can be found here.


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