Thus Saith The Lord

For years I thought I had to be good for some period of time before I could even hope for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. A lie of course, but I believed it none the same, and therefore spent years trying to be good enough to earn what God gives freely.  I didn’t understand that the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, complete with ALL the gifts, was available the same as salvation. These gifts were mine for the asking and they were available to help me walk out my Christian life.

I have since asked for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. One of the gifts is a Word of Knowledge.   It’s just when you know something. Sometimes it’s just having a feeling and other times it’s a full on knowing.Gifts-07

I have often wondered what am I supposed to do with this knowledge? Mostly after the something has happened. I wonder IF I was supposed to have told the person or at least told someone?  So, I ask God what is my role in knowing that something is going to happen? Mostly I believe my role is to pray for the person. Not necessarily that it doesn’t happen, but that the person will do all to stand firm like mentioned in Ephesians 6.

Therefore, put on every piece of God’s armor so you will be able to resist the enemy in the time of evil. Then after the battle you will still be standing firm. Ephesians 6:13

I try to stay in the habit of listening to podcasts every week.   These days I’ve been listening to Bill Johnson from Bethel. (So much of what he teaches applies to my everyday life.)   The last messaged was titled, All Must Prophesy. All Must! Wow! But what if I don’t feel like I operate in that gifting?

He opens by saying that he is not teaching on the position of the “Prophet” but the gifting from the Holy Spirit. AND it should not start out or end with “Thus sayeth The Lord”.

Prophecy is to be encouragement. It is to edify. There’s a church word for you…Edify

Edify means to instruct or benefit; to uplift. To edify is defined as to instruct someone in way that enlightens them or uplifts them morally, spiritually or intellectually.

He went on to tell a story of when he was a young preacher. He said there was no prophecy in their little town. “No one was prophesying, not even a mouse.” So he invited a group of the leaders from his little church to his office and went around the table asking each one: “IF Jesus walked in here right now, what do you think He would say?” The first one said, “Hummm… Well, I think He would say….“   One by one, they all had encouraging things to say along with a few things they thought they could do better. Bill Johnson said he concluded their meeting with the words…”You each just prophesied.”

So, maybe I do have the gift of prophecy.   I am a natural encourager. I love to encourage people. I see it as me just putting my arm around someone and telling them that they can do it…that God has a purpose for their life…and He will order their steps and direct their path.

It is scriptural. It’s all something that could apply to anyone on planet Earth. BUT it is all the Truth. I say these things to people because I love to see others step out in the calling God has for them. I have learned to say things I hear when I am talking to people. It took me a long time to realize that I can trust the voice of the Holy Spirit even when He sounds like me sometimes.

The truth is we all hear three voices…our own voice, the Holy Spirit and the enemy. Learning to discern which voice is God is where most of us struggle. But it’s like a mother who hears her own child’s cry on the playground of many children. We have to train our ears. (Discernment is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. See why we need them all!)  

We all need all the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It is right to want ALL that God has for us.  


Cindy Willingham is a landscape designer, small group leader, avid encourager, and sinner saved by grace who is eight years new to Birmingham, Alabama. Her sweet husband of 37 years, two married children and four grand-kiddos fill her life with unbelievable fun and sweet snuggles. She thinks God is awesome and that the best adventure starts with saying yes to that still, small voice. ~ To read Cindy’s BoP Bio click here.


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