Your Secret Language with Jesus

Oh man! Speaking in tongues is my absolute favorite thing to do with Jesus!  But what I love most about it is that it opens up a door for you and Jesus to have such a close and intimate relationship that not very many people have or even believe in having.

Now, speaking in tongues can be a very ” touchy” subject because some people think it’s fake or even demonic.  But that could not be further from the truth! Speaking in tongues is when God gives you a special language that only “The Trinity” can understand. When people first begin speaking in tongues, it’s pretty much the best thing/ weirdest experience ever! You speak uncontrollably in a what is heard by our human ears as gibberish, but really, it’s the most powerful form of prayer because only God can understand you. In fact, His Spirit is praying through you.

Think of it this way, if Adam and Eve wouldn’t have sinned, then our world would be perfect. Now that we live in a fallen world, we’re constantly being attacked by the enemy in one form or another. What speaking in tongues does is to close a door that the enemy can’t open.

When I first got my prayer language, I was in kindergarten. Now, when I tell people this story I always get the reaction of “WHAT? Really? You were that young? That’s crazy!!” Yes. I really was that young, and I remember it so clearly because of how significant of a day it was for me.

I was sitting on the roof top of my best friend, Bryant’s doll house (don’t worry, it wasn’t his, it was his sisters’. He’s not weird. I promise).  I remember just asking God, “Can I have my prayer language?”  I grew up in a church that taught a lot about speaking in tongues, and my parents and pastor would talk to me about what the gift of speaking in tongues meant. So, as I asked that question to Jesus, I remember immediately getting my prayer language. At first I didn’t know if it was really Jesus speaking through me because it sounded like I was speaking nonsense. But in my heart I knew it was God because as I kept speaking it out, it would grow and I would gain more and more words to my language.

Jenn Johnson (Bethel Church) spoke about speaking in tongues at their ” Heaven Come” Conference back in May, and she shared, “Some professors did a study about what happens to a person’s brain when they pray, chant, and speak in tongues. They studied all these different things on several people and each of them had brain wave movement, except the person speaking in tongues because when you speak in your heavenly language, it’s all a spirit lead moment. Sometimes your brain won’t be able to take you to the places that your spirit needs to take you. How many of you know that God is also The Spirit, and we are made in his image? Therefore, we are also a spirit. ”

Some people ask me, “What do you use speaking in tongues for?” I tell them, “Well I speak in tongues because it’s the place where I know I can go and be still. It’s where I hear God speak. It’s where I don’t have to think about what I’m praying because God knows my heart and is praying for me. It’s my safe haven.”

Pray. Receive. Speak it out.

“my lips will speak no evil, and my tongue will speak no lies.” Job 27:4 NLT

I love this verse because of the truth that it gives us. There is no way for lies to come in our mind. There is no way for evil to sneak in and discourage us. It’s all peace. Peace from our Lord.

If you don’t have your prayer language. I encourage you to sit in His presence right now and ask to receive it. Jesus wants to give it to you. It’s a free gift, that He loves to give to anyone who is willing to receive.


Lauren Cruise is a fun-filled, faith-fired leader for Christ. She aspires to lead people closer to Jesus in everything she does. She is the founder of “Rising Up” bible studies, which empower teenagers to make a difference in their schools and communities by bringing people to a closer relationship with Jesus. Her life dreams are to travel, lead worship and speak. She knows God has amazing things in store for the future, and she is excited about everything He is doing in her life!  If you are interested in bringing Rising Up  Bible Study to your community, please check out this promo

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One thought on “Your Secret Language with Jesus

  1. Wow Lauren! This is absolutely amazing; I love this: Sometimes your brain won’t be able to take you to the places that your spirit needs to take you. This spoke to me in so many ways today. Thank you for this!
    Blessings, Eliza Girard

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