Discernment is like a flower seed

“These proverbs will give insight to the simple, knowledge and discernment to the young.”   Proverbs 1:4 NLT

Discernment is another way of describing understanding or wisdom about something. We know that God loves to speak to us, but how do we know its God speaking? When we hear what we think is God telling us to do something, how do we know it is from God and not just something we made up?

When I think of this, it brings me back to my life story of when God lead me to start a bible study. I was just out of kindergarten when He told me. I didn’t know it would be the seed that would develop into what I am doing right now.

img_8482I was about 6-7 years old when I had the tug on my heart to start a bible study with my best friend, Bryant. We thought we would have it at his house for people in our community. At the time, it didn’t end up working out, but little did I know it would be a seed that was planted and would grow in my life, leading me later to start a bible study called “Rising Up,” at my school. Now, other teenagers who want to make a difference have started up over 11 different “Rising Up” bible studies in their schools and communities!

It was the middle of October of 2015, when I was in a big transition, moving from Dallas, Texas to Charlotte, North Carolina. I remember this day like it was yesterday.  I was in the kitchen of my small group hosts’ house talking to one of my leaders about how I wanted to start a Bible Study when I moved to North Carolina. Roughly, it was the very next week, on that Wednesday at “Seven Student Ministries” (youth group) where I clearly heard God speak to me about Rising Up. My pastor, Joseph Kellogg asked the students, “If you were to die right after this service, what would your MARK be on this world?” So, I asked myself that, and prayed about how I can live that out and what my “MARK” on this world would be. Literally, right after that, I heard him tell me specifically in this order, “ I don’t want you to wait till you move to North Carolina to start this Bible Study.  I want you to start it now, 3 days a week during your lunch period, in Mrs. Lawton’s room.” Immediately, I said, “okay, God.” I had no hesitation because I was so incredibly confident that I knew this was God speaking to me and not myself. After that, I had to choose a name, so I was speaking off names to my leader and then I got “Rising Up.” Immediately, I knew that was the name for it because I knew my goal was to get student leaders to Rise Up and Change the World.

img_8481Kari Jobe once gave this illustration, she said, “ You know how you hear your parents voice everyday, and how when they call on the phone you immediately know its them?  Because you’re familiar with their voice? Well, that’s exactly how it is with God.  The more time you spend with Jesus, the more connected you’ll be to his voice.”

This was the best advice I could ever be given, because of the truth inside that story. The more you practice hearing the voice of God, the more likely you are to know if it’s God’s discernment, or if it’s yourself.

While you read this next part, I’d like you to read it and then close your eyes and soak it all in. Imagine God growing you as a seed and into this beautiful flower.

Discernment is like a flower seed that plants in the soil of your heart; and when it is watered and the sun starts to shine on it, it grows! Each time God speaks into your life, hang on to it. It just might be the seed that will unlock many blessings on your life


Lauren Cruise is a fun-filled, faith-fired leader for Christ. She aspires to lead people closer to Jesus in everything she does. She is the founder of “Rising Up” bible studies, which empower teenagers to make a difference in their schools and communities by bringing people to a closer relationship with Jesus. Her life dreams are to travel, lead worship and speak. She knows God has amazing things in store for the future, and she is excited about everything He is doing in her life!  If you are interested in bringing Rising Up  Bible Study to your community, please check out this promo

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