Warranty Not Included

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. –Hebrews 13:8
During his time on Earth, Jesus healed the sick and the demon-possessed. These stories are recorded throughout the Old and New Testament to draw us into a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.

As I dug deeper into the gift of healing I came across a word used to describe this gift that had me thinking to myself- Is He not the same God? Has He changed in the last 2,000 years?

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word controversial as: giving rise or likely to give rise to public disagreement.

Let me say- I disagree for this reason. According the opening verse He is the same, yesterday and forever.

So that got me pondering this question– Why the same God who healed many throughout ancient times would not heal the sick and inflicted of today?

I can’t imagine the gift of healing is not available to us today. The methods used maybe different but the results are still the same- a closer relationship with God through the act of faith.

God’s healing power has many forms.

  • Faith (Matthew 9:28).
  • Faith of other believers (Acts 19:11).
  • Signs (Mark 16:20).

-Laying on hands (Mark 6:5).

-Anointing with Oil and The Prayer of Faith ((James 14-15).

  • The Anointing of Priests, Kings and Prophets (Exodus 28:41, 1 Samuel 16:13, 1 Kings 19:16).
  • -Point of Contact (Matthew 14:36, Mark 3:10, Mark 6:55-66).
  • Christians

-“Nazarenes” (John 1:46, Acts 2; 45).

  • The Name of Jesus (Acts 3:6, Acts 3:1-9, Acts 9:33-34, Mark 16:7).
  • The Spoken Word (Matthew 8:7-11, Luke 7:7, Matthew 12:13, Mark 2:11-12, Acts 9:36-41, Acts 14:8-10).

Unfortunately, the gift of healing does not come with a warranty. God is in the healing business but it is according to His will. God can grant healing to our loved ones while on Earth or healing can come on the other side –Heaven.

My dad going to Heaven was not from the lack of faith or prayers, but the will of God.

Trust me. I prayed. I prayed like I never have prayed before. Have you ever bargained with God? I’ve heard you can’t bargain with Him but on dad’s bad days I would ask God to let me carry his pain. I remember several occasions trying to convince God that my dad would be a great witness to the kingdom of heaven while on Earth.

While I was praying for healing on this side, my sister was praying for just the “opposite.” She prayed “for his death.” We were both praying for healing but each with a different outcome.

Am I angry with God? No, because I hold onto his promises. Jeremiah 29:11 states: “…For I know the plans I have for you,” When dad took his final breath I knew where he was going when he left this earth. I knew he was free of his illness and his pain and suffering. I knew he was healed and walking the streets paved of gold. –Tonya



Tonya Masoner is a part-time legal assistant and full-time school custodian. She enjoys thrift shopping, pizza Sunday’s and binge watching Netflix. She loves telling people-“God’s got a sense of humor… I don’t even drink coffee.” Her Breath on Paper bio can be found here.


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