Introducing BoP’s Newest Writers ~ Rebecca Ryan

IMG_4869I have embarked upon the greatest adventure, the most passionate romance, ever known to mankind. Look around you and you will see a whole crowd of people desperately searching for wholeness, desiring to be intimately known and unconditionally loved. I’ve been there. Maybe you have, too. Let these words from Psalms 23:6 wash over you, and join me on this journey.

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever. 

We are pursued every moment of every day by our loving Creator. He has the most beautiful thoughts about us, and he would do anything for us…even sacrifice his life just so that we could have an intimate relationship with Him. That will never fail to give me chills.

It became obvious to me at a young age that I was going to either pursue God with every ounce of my being or not at all. It was firmly ingrained in my mind that I would either be hot or cold. Never lukewarm. I was all in for awhile. Gradually, I was all out. I can say with utter certainty that I will never be there again. Armed with the beautiful promises of the Lord, I have taken my stance in this war and have already claimed the victory through Christ!

My love for music began before I can remember, and my love for reading and writing began as soon as I learned how. I was not a kid who came home from school and sat in front of the TV. Rather, I couldn’t wait to get home and cuddle up in my room for hours and hours with a book…or two…or three.

I started sounding out songs on the piano when I was four years old. Soon after, I began piano lessons and the rest is history. By the end of high school, a true passion for classical piano was ignited. I was determined to pick the most difficult, melt-your-heart pieces…those that seemed impossible and far surpassed my level. I tackled them. I may not have known it at the time, but the Lord was already sowing seeds of faith and endurance…the roots began to grow little by little, experiencing a growth stunt somewhere in there before firmly claiming the ground upon which they were planted.

I went on to study piano performance at Samford University. Every performance was a test of faith, an expression of worship and a revealing of my heart all in one. Truly, it was a gift to have that opportunity and I will be forever grateful to everyone who made it possible.

While music expresses everything without having to say anything at all, writing allows vague, incomplete thoughts to manifest themselves in complete unity. I love putting together all of the puzzle pieces and allowing God to reveal life to me through words. The opportunity of contributing to Breath on Paper is truly an answered prayer, and I am so excited to delve into God’s word with you!

13 thoughts on “Introducing BoP’s Newest Writers ~ Rebecca Ryan

  1. Your appreciation of beauty is so evident in your writing. Thank you for sharing your story in this beautifully written bio. I’m glad you’ve joined Breath!

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