Alot of times I completely forget this blessed fact. I was reminded by a very wise woman –  who loves the LORD so much that she shares the good news with whoever will listen – that HE, my FATHER GOD, JESUS and HOLY SPIRIT, is always there with us, guiding our steps in doing HIS good works. Thank heavens for that, too!   “Why?” you might ask, (but I’ll tell you even if you didn’t because that’s who I am – one who can talk 30 minutes on a wrong number and enjoy every minute). Because I thank the LORD for blessing me with a daughter that is wise beyond her years because of the love she has for HIM and HIS precious words – the easy & hard words to share. This is true because she is open to accepting them herself and keeps her heart in place for being HIS “work in progress”.  

This timely subject of my excuses began over this message. “Never Alone”, the topic closest to my heart, was one I wanted to write. Circumstances happen daily opening our hearts to the reality that there is NO LIFE worth living without GOD being first and foremost in it. I was listening to all the wrong voices telling me:

  1. I can’t write a message that would make a difference in some reader’s life.

~ My daughter, without hesitation, pointed out that if my message reached one person, my words were exactly what GOD wanted them to hear. So I am praying very earnestly for the one of you – who might need this message for your walk.

Psalm 139:16 – Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them”.

David, the Psalmist, wrote these verses to tell us that GOD knew I was going to write this message even before HE created anything…like the universe!!! That is so awesome to know!!! You are never alone.

neveralone pic

2.  I don’t write as well as the others – they are so creative and express their thoughts so well. When reading “Breath on Paper” messages, it’s like reading from the Bible ladies: Mary, Esther, Ruth, Naomi, etc. OK, I know my name is Priscilla, but it never “took” and everyone calls me Prissy (and my husband’s name is not Aquila).

Aquila and Priscilla helped the Apostle Paul and would travel around spreading the word about the gospel. Together, they founded churches beginning with the hospitality shown in their own home! In Acts 18:18-26, Priscilla had a mission in Ephesus, which was heavy into religion and philosophy. History records reveal that Ephesus was the center of worship to Artemis, the mother goddess who was patron of pregnant women. (Seeing a photo of her statue they worshipped, it sure would be a problem sculpting a bra for her.  Just sayin’). She also taught Apollos, a Jewish Alexandria scholar and persuasive speaker in the synagogue, by telling him the full story of Jesus. Reading this again is so enlightening – and I would never have gotten to do this without having this assignment!

~ To this she replied that I was listening to the wrong voice in my head – – telling me things to keep me from letting the HOLY SPIRIT guide me into putting the right words together for someone needing them. Then I remembered how HE has helped me when I was at my lowest in sadness & at my highest in praise, and when I was without words in desperation & when I had said too many words and needed forgiveness. HE is always there for me. That’s exactly how it was for Priscilla and Aquila too.

1 Corinthians 3:16 – Do you not know that you are a temple of GOD and that the SPIRIT of GOD dwells in you?

You are never alone.

3.  I’m having bad days and nights lately with so much going on – pulling me in so many directions that my state of mind is incoherent .

~ My daughter encouraged me with grace. She is a technological guru when it comes to communicating with anything smaller than a hand-held pack of graham crackers (about the size of an iPhone-6S). A few times she checked on me for my finished draft. I was given plenty of time – and would begin writing only to do that backspace thingy and delete it. Sometimes, the computer had a mind of its own and deleted the pages I had typed that I felt were not “life-giving”. Then the HOLY SPIRIT opened my heart to this message and I’m glad HE has a sense of humor!    Go with GOD and you will never be alone.Prissy


thumb_IMG_5796_1024Priscilla King Daly (Prissy) is married to Jeff (36 years) with 4 daughters (Heather, Holly-“expecting”, Suzanne & Becky-engaged) 3.7 sons-in-law, 4.5 grandkids. Employed with Alabama Power Company as a secretary for 38 years, she enjoys decorating (Christmas time and for the Children’s Hospital Illuminations Event-28+ years) collecting memories and serving in whatever ways HE provides.


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4 thoughts on “I AM NEVER ALONE…

  1. Never Alone! :)) Amen. Once this truth is truly accepted in our hearts it sends us to His kingdom courts filled with angels, warriors, Saints, and King Jesus himself! Never alone!!! Ever!!! Once in, we will actually crave the alone time we once feared because that alone time is your personal time in the PRESCENCE OF KING JESUS! Supernatural intamacy that can not be found on this earth, too Holy to be felt here.
    Great Post Prissy! Word of God speak! A vessel for His word! U touched me, so there is at least ONE! 🙂 DONE!

    Liked by 1 person

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