You have to open the box

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.”  Ephesians 2:8

I am saved. I am gloriously and freely saved. But I thought salvation was the end game.  I thought it was the goal and once I got the in, I was ready to move on with my life.

Thank you, satan, for that little lie.

So I really want to talk about that gift of salvation. I was saved when I was 23 years old and I remained lost for over 10 years.

How could this happen?

I had heard so many times about the free gift of salvation, but I had never heard anything about what I was supposed to do with it. So I took my shiny new salvation and put it on a shelf. 

Salvation is a gift, but to me it is more like a gift box. Once you receive it, you have to open it to see what it holds. And finally, after many years I opened my box. I dug into my salvation and found out what it held for me.

The first thing I found was a relationship. As a Catholic raised woman (and not even a good one at that) I found this to be utterly shocking and weird. The fact that I could talk directly to Jesus-and I mean in an intimate way, not just a “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” kind of way– well, my mind was blown. It took me a while to open up and get comfortable, but it was worth it! Having a relationship with my personal savior, has been the crux of my transformation.

I found sanctification. I didn’t have a word for it at first, I just knew my heart was wanting to make some changes and my body was saying, “ummm, no.”  I found myself torn between the comfort of my old life and the promise of an unknown, new one. This is what I now refer to as the edge of the canyon.

I was standing there thinking about leaping. But as I peeked over the edge, I saw nothing but a single promise that I would be caught. Thankfully I leapt. And because no word from God ever fails, he caught me.

I found healing. So much healing. I wasn’t healed over night and neither were my relationships. But after I leapt and began drawing closer to God, he began working and healing. And he began showing me how to forgive.

I found peace. The more I dug into my salvation and into God’s word, the more I began to trust in him. I can’t lie, it took a while. When your entire religious foundation is shattered, you tend to be skeptical. But I am so thankful for a God who has never given up on me. Who has shown me time after time that I can trust him. I am so thankful that he brought me to a place of peace. A place where I can look out from the middle of a storm and know he is there and he will never leave me.

I found purpose. And I don’t even mean that I found a special talent that set me on a path. I mean, I found a purpose in being on this earth: to love people and glorify God. Even on my worst, least productive days, I can do that.

So I encourage you today, if you have never opened and unpacked your gift of salvation, grab it off the shelf and dust it off. See what’s inside. You never know. You might find yourself leaping into a canyon. – Rachel



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Guest Blogger Rachel Gunn – I’m a teacher turned stay at home mom. I asked God into my heart over ten years ago, but I never really let Him have control. After years of letting God be a guest in my heart, I asked Him to change my life and he did. I never imagined how His love and grace could change my heart and my life!  Read more of Rachel blogs at Recreating Rachel

5 thoughts on “You have to open the box

  1. I have just recently opened my gift! I carried it around with me for a long time so I wouldn’t mess up the wrappings. I thought it was so pretty to look at and honestly was afraid to look inside. Maybe I will just be satisfied with the shiny wrapping and ribbon. What if it is empty? …..It wasn’t!!!! It was full of acceptance, forgiveness, teachings, real peace, word, wisdom, revelation, liquid rainbow. Mine is also a music box with a dancer that spins when the top is open. Grace!!!

    Beautiful post!

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