Don’t Believe What You See

image“I am FAITHFUL.”

Faith is the confident obedience in God’s Word. When we have confidence that what He said is true regardless of what the circumstance looks like at the moment, or what the conditions are, that is faith. Now to develop our faithfulness God will often have a time before when He spoke it, and when you see it. God spoke to Abraham and He said 430 years from now your descendants are going to come into this land and they are going to possess it. Abraham believed the call of God to go to this place, even though he did not know where he was going.

Hebrews Chapter 11 is full of by faith people, who believed God. While I love to read the stories of all these people who lived by faith in this chapter, the stories continue in our lives today. Each one of us has hope for stuff. A lot of our hope for stuff is either connected to a Word in scripture or a personal word that God has spoken to us individually from His Word. It is not based on what we see with the eye because the eye is easily deceived. We think that believing is seeing, and it isn’t.

One of the greatest stories of faithfulness I have ever witnessed came from my neighbor and friend who I went to church with. He and his wife went to the doctor, and the doctor gave him this report, “You have a type of brain tumor that is aggressive. You need to go home, get your house in order because in six months you will be dead.”

Now this is the kind of news that can really rock your world. It is the way life goes though, because it always seems when everything is going great one minute, you find the next minute your whole world crashing down on you. You get a bad report like this from the doctor and what do you do? Do you believe the doctors report with all the test results and facts or do you believe God’s Word that says your healing was paid for by the Blood of Jesus! 1 Peter 2:24—“by whose stripes you were healed.”

Everyone in our church prayed for my neighbor and he got a Word from God that said he was healed and by faith he believed God’s Word. He told his doctor God had healed him. Six months went by and my neighbor was still alive when the doctor’s report said he would not live. After two years he asked his doctor how many of his patients were living with this type of brain tumor and his doctor said there are none, they don’t live. My neighbor gave his testimony of God’s healing to everyone he could for nine years, and then the Lord took him home.

I love what Beth Moore says about faith, “We can be delivered from the fire, and our faith is built. We can be delivered through the fire, and our faith is refined. We can be delivered by the fire into His arms, and our faith is perfected.” God has promised never to leave us, and He will see us through whatever we are going through for He is faithful and true. ~ Cheryl


~ ~ ~


Cheryl Crawford is a daughter of the Most High King, saved by grace. Her degree and field of work are in accounting, but would trade it all to farm if she could. She enjoys reading, writing, gardening, SEC football and playing cards with friends. Cheryl is a natural organizer with a heart that loves to serve.  You can read more about Cheryl on her BoP bio.


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