Best Wife Ever

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Proverbs 31:10

For the next few weeks we will be writing verse by verse on the woman spoken of in the thirty-first chapter of Proverbs. A virtuous woman.

Beginning in verse ten and on to the end of the chapter, Solomon’s mother gives him a list of characteristics he should look for in a wife.

We have probably all heard of this Proverbs 31 wife and agreed with the very first verse about her…who can find her?…because NO ONE is THAT perfect!!! “This one woman, may be the “ideal” that one man cannot find. But even if she is difficult to find, it’s no wonder why: she’s working hard! And working hard everywhere (verses 14, 16), on everything(verses 15a, 16, 18a, 19, 24a), for everybody(verses 12, 15b, 20, 21b, 24b, 27a) — from dawn (verse 15a) to dusk (verse 18b) no less!” ~ working  I mean come on! The verses following describe perfection. As for me, I’m far from perfect!  I don’t even know a perfect woman!

 But…let’s dig a little deeper. Let’s look at the context. There are a few interesting things to note. First. This description consists of twenty-two verses, each beginning with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet in order. Implying that it was written somewhat like a poem designed for ease to commit to memorization. Just like many preachers today have their three bullet points all start with the same letter; so we can remember.

Next. The truth is, what an excellent thing for a mother to teach her son – to have him commit to memory as a young boy. Let’s face it ladies, we ALL want the best for our children. What a huge responsibility to raise godly children. It requires discipline in what not to do as well as discipline in what to do. Just like Solomon’s mother is doing here. This is what you should look for in a wife.

Lastly. She is worth more than rubies. “Her price is far above rubies, and all the rich ornaments with which vain women adorn themselves. The more rare such good wives are the more they are to be valued.” ~ Matthew Henry

1 Peter 3:1-6 gives us a New Testament description of what a wife is to strive for.  Again, not always what we want to hear. But! If we didn’t have a mark to try to achieve or a litmus test to compare ourselves would we ever know or aspire to be the best woman we could be?

This week on Facebook I saw a video titled Best Wife Ever. It began with a later-in-life wife leading her blind husband into a Harley Davidson motorcycle shop. She, and the salesman wearing a muscle shirt and sporting more than a few tats, stand by while her husband felt his way down the showroom line finding the perfect Hog and allowed him to straddle it.

ThFullSizeRendere camera cuts to the older man, complete with his dark sunglasses on, Out on the Highway (that song playing in the background) wind in his hair, blowing his black leather jacket. As the camera pans back, you see his wife driving their car, pulling a trailer, with the bike strapped to the trailer and him straddling the bike. Across the screen appear the words- Best Wife Ever

I may never do exactly that, but I do aspire to be the best wife that my husband could have. And as I’ve matured, I’m glad there is a better gauge of a good wife than a Harley Davidson commercial. I am thankful for The Truth that is found in The Word.

Over these next few weeks, we hope to share our thoughts of what this virtuous woman means to us…as seen through our lenses and filtered through our pens. We will ask God to speak to our hearts and to yours as you go on this adventure through the scriptures with us. If we come out better in even just one area on the other end of this series, then it would have been worth it.

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img_2715-1Cindy Willingham is a wife, mother, empty nester and natural encourager. She enjoys writing, working in her garden, taking day trips and talking with friends over coffee. She has a heart for women’s ministry and prayer. Her Breath on Paper bio can be found here.

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