Meekness – Not To Be Mistaken For Weakness



As we continue to write our way through the fruit of the spirit, we make our way to meekness, an often misunderstood attribute. People tend to think of meekness as cowardly passivity or weakness. This however is not biblical meekness. Biblical meekness is an attitude of humility toward God and gentleness toward people. To be meek, one needs confidence, not in oneself but in the Lord. Meekness, rather, is the result of a person’s conscious choice to trust in God and lean on Him, as opposed to pushing for one’s own ways. Thus, meekness arises out of strength, not weakness.


God’s Word teaches us that the meek trust in God. Matthew 5:5-8 They believe that God is for them. Meek people commit their ways to the Lord, believing that they are ill equipped to cope with life’s struggles and they trust that God is able and willing to sustain them. The meek wait patiently for God to work in their lives. They do not fear, because they trust that God is at work in their lives. John Piper Blessed are the Meek

As I have thought about this during the week, I tried to think of people who exemplified biblical meekness. Although several came to mind, what came to heart was a memory of my own behavior that revealed a heart condition completely lacking in meekness. It was not a pretty revelation.

We are a blended family and as wonderful as it is to have more people in your life to love….it can be challenging; very challenging. Conflict developed out of issues that I didn’t contemplate when I said “yes” to my sweet and charming beau that came with two bonus daughters. I thought I was handling these issues in a manner that would please God. I would pray about them and keep quiet, trying to be the peace maker (actually a peace-faker as I wrote about in a previous post). My heart would be at peace for a while, so I thought my heart was pure and full gentleness and humility, but I was mistaken.

One day something occurred that set off a reaction in me that was so ugly and so far from meekness or humility. Anger spewed from me in a volcanic eruption of sinful self absorbed pride. Although I was shocked at my own behavior, I was mostly confused about where all that ugliness came from. I felt terrible because I knew I  hurt my husband with my words and I was pretty certain he thought I may have  a demon in me. I prayed about it and asked God to show me what was really in my heart. I began to understand that my anger in that instance had less to do with the family issue and more to do with me and insecurity that I had. I received something offensively that was not meant to be offensive and because I did not have meekness in my heart, I thought only of myself, my needs, my interests and my position. I realized that it was my hear that needed the adjustment. In that moment, it no longer mattered what had been done to cause my ugly reaction. What mattered was what was revealed about my heart. My reaction showed weakness and not the strength of biblical meekness and certainly not humility. I was not as spiritually mature as I thought.

My reaction revealed to me that I really did not trust God with our family issue. I was not able to patiently wait on God because my trust was lacking. I hadn’t truly given my concerns to God. I was still trying to force my will into the situation rather than waiting on God’s will and God’s timing. But God is faithful and when we earnestly pray with a pure heart, he hears us and changes us. He never leaves us in our sin when we come to him with a repentant heart. Prayer may not immediately change our circumstances, but it absolutely changes our perspective and our heart. I am thankful for our blended family and a husband who is kind, compassionate and forgiving. I am thankful for all the new love this blended family has brought me. ~ Tracey


Your Turn ~ Have you experienced a revelation about meekness? Do you struggle with meekness in fear of being perceived as weak? Have you surrendered your heart in humility before God and been blessed by His generous response? We love for you to share your heart with us. ~ Breath on Paper


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