Without the Wait

“The Lord is not slow to do what He has promised, as some think. Instead, He is patient with you, because He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants all to turn away from their sins.”

                                                 2 Peter 3:9 GNB

A shot captured between the “posed” shots. God will always give you a beautiful image on the way to the “big picture.” 

I am the most impatient person on the planet. I hate standing in line, I hate it when my WiFi is the least bit slower than usual, I hate when my food takes more than 5 minutes to be ready. I’m so impatient I told my friend I had to write about patience, and he laughed in my face.

It’s hard to expect anything more from a girl who was raised in an instantly gratified generation.  Today’s lifestyle is all about an “ask and get” mentality.  Even social media is all about instant gratification. Post a status or a picture, and immediately get likes and comments. People don’t want to wait anymore. But what would it be like without the wait?


In high school during our sex ed classes, we were always given these bracelets that said, “worth the wait.” Now obviously they were a reminder that we’re worth saving ourselves for marriage. But I love that all it said was, “worth the wait.” Because it applies to more than just one area. It applies to all areas.

 Imagine if a baby just appeared in your arms, and you didn’t have to wait nine months for the arrival. Without that wait, there would have been no time to get excited, no time for preparation. A new life would have been thrown into your world, and I suspect a giant mess would ensue. Obviously a waiting period would have been an incredibly resourceful time to have. That baby would have been well worth the wait.

I love that God, the creator of the universe, the one who can literally speak anything into existence at any time He so pleases, tells us to be patient. I was always told, “patience is a virtue.” It took me a long time to understand what that meant. Patience isn’t just waiting, it’s being content with waiting, it’s enjoying the time between the big blessings to notice the small ones. I have found that God tells me to be patient for three reasons. One: so I can be prepared for his coming blessing. Two: so I can rest easier in His promise; and three: so that I have enough time to turn away from sin.

What if God didn’t wait for us to turn away from our sin and turn toward Him? What if He just showed up and threw His arms up and said, “Oh well!” Boy would we be begging for another shot, for just a little more time to do it right. Thankfully, our God is a patient God, for OUR sake. He desires for us to be with Him.

God says, we are well worth the wait. ~ Arrianna

~ ~ ~

Your Turn: How is your waiting?  Can you see that God brings good in the waiting time?  We would love to hear your wait story.  ~ Breath on Paper


4 thoughts on “Without the Wait

  1. Very insightful Arrianna….we are so blessed to have such a good heavenly Father that He does allow us time to turn away from our sin. Thanks for this reminder that we are well worth the wait and the waiting does serve a purpose for our benefit 😉

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  2. Thank you for sharing😊 I’m actually in the midst of my waiting time🤔
    I can see God’s hand at work with this blogging site🙂 He is giving me such a peace and a fulfillment once again🙂
    I recently retired due to health issues with my neck and back. I have missed my job which was like a small Ministry with women. I have felt such a lack of knowing where He wanted me. I’ve recently started teaching a Bible study class, as well as lead our Women’s Ministry. He is slowly moving me along 😀
    This blogging site is amazing with all of the encouragement and knowledge that people share about Christ and their walk❤️ For this reason of helping others grow in their knowledge and be encouraged was the reason I started blogging in the first place😳 I’m totally new (Jan 17th 2016) to blogging but God has blessed me with 79 followers that encourage and support 😊
    Thank you all for what you do also at Breath on Paper😉😊❤️🎈

    Liked by 2 people

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