But if we hope for what we do not have yet, we wait for it patiently. –Romans 8:25

We’ve all been in situations in our life where we have prayed to God for direction. Should I take the new position at work? Should I ask the recently divorced dad over for coffee? Or God, I have a decision to make, and I could really use a word from you right about now.

Regardless of the answer, you can be sure there is some waiting involved. Our God is faithful to answer those who seek him in his time and not ours. But he also uses that in between time to strengthen and work our patience muscles. We live in a society where later is not good enough. If God answered our prayers right away we would think we have a one way line to the man himself. But that is not true. We all pray and we all wait.

Now how you wait is entirely up to you. You can wait one of two ways. You can wait with an anxious heart or a trusting heart. In other words you can whine, grumble and complain all you want which only makes matters worse or you can trust God and let him be God.

Sometimes he makes us wait because he is testing us. He told the Israelites “I led you these forty years in the wilderness to test you .. (Deuteronomy 8:2)” I believe the same God that tested the Israelites then still tests his people today. Some people would consider it to be a test, but I look at it as a detour- an opportunity for growth.

career-changersYes. I mean a big orange sign with flashing lights that reads: DETOUR. THIS IS ONLY A TEST. DO YOU TRUST ME? SIGNED GOD.

I think of construction or road work when I see a detour sign. So when I’m driving on life’s highway and I’m suddenly stopped by one of these big flashing orange signs with lights- I imagine I’m the one under construction.

We never plan for them and they often have us going out of our way, but God sees the bigger picture and I trust him to lead me where I need to be. ~ Tonya

~ ~~

Your Turn: Have you ever prayed for a situation in your life and felt God leading you a certain way only to be detoured in another direction? How did you handle the new set of directions? Did you trust God and enjoy the view? Or did you complain the whole time there? Share with us your detour story and how you did or did not enjoy the drive. ~ Breath on Paper


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