Hallmark Moments

for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

There are moments in our lives when time seems to stand still.  Swinging that tassel across the top of the cap and stepping from the hurts of the past few years into your bright and promising new future. Standing picturesque at the altar in your white gown holding a beautiful bouquet as both of your pasts come together and unite for a bright new future as one. The first time they lay that precious bundle of love in your arms, nothing else matters like the little life you are holding. Or standing beside a coffin of someone who had such a huge impact on your life that seems to pale and make vibrant all at the same time.

These are the moments that seal our lives.  Hallmark moments.   They cause us to truly focus on what is important.  It’s at these moments that we vow to be all-in and live each day to it’s fullest.  We promise to love with our whole hearts and hold nothing back.  We declare to live each day as if it is our last.

UnknownBUT…what about today?  Could today be a great day?  Without a milestone, could today be a day to remember?

As I go down my list of things that I HAVE to get done today, I see nothing that looks like it even has the potential to make today a memorable day…just mundane things that have to get done today.

I wonder what Jesus thought on His last day on earth? He had a list of things that had to get done that day. And yet…we read…“When it was evening, He reclined at the table with the twelve” (Matt. 26:20 ESV).

He spent His last evening with the people who were in His life every day!  He wasn’t out healing just a few more sick people or feeding a few more thousand.  He was with the people who were important to Him.  Loving on them.  Sharing a meal with them.  Jesus spent His last hours with His best friends, teaching them how to remember Him and sharing the foundations of the gospel with them. He prayed for them (John 17) and then He prayed for the strength to walk the difficult journey to the cross (Mark 14:32-36). When it came down to it, the most important thing to Jesus on His last night was doing the will of the Father and serving His closest friends.

Jesus’ entire life was filled with choosing to do the most important things. He stopped to heal the sick, cast out demons, and ministered to the hurting when they crossed His path.  He sat on the side of a mountain and stood in a boat on the edge of the sea to speak life into a waiting crowd.  He stopped and played with children, even when His disciples rebuked others for bringing them to Him. He looked a bleeding woman, a blind man, and a beggar in the eyes and gave them hope.

I don’t want my last day to be filled with regret for all the times I skimmed over the significant to pursue the petty.


I think we are all guilty of looking at our ordinary life and failing to see how God could possibly use us.  When the reality is that God puts people in our paths that need what we have…the lady at the grocery store that needs a smile…the children that need us to slow down and speak into their little lives…the friends in our lives that need us at the end of the day.Fruit-of-the-Spirit-is-Joy-279x300

Today is it’s own special day.  I understand.  As I sit before The Lord this morning, asking Him to bless my list of things, I understand the mundane of an ordinary day.  But my prayer today is: Lord, help me to do the important thing at any given moment.  Help me to not wish away today for the ‘more’ I could be doing.  Lord, help me to not be so easily distracted by the drive to do and be more.  Help me to notice what I have neglected.  Give me Peace to set aside the nonessential in order to savor the essential.  

Help me to see Joy in every moment of my life. ~ Cindy

 ….for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

~ ~ ~

Your Turn:  What is keeping you from making today a monumental day?  Share your day’s plans with us. ~ Breath on Paper

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