For God So Loved the World…

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

 I’ll be the first to admit that this verse had once lost it’s meaning to me. It had been said over and over and over again. I heard it in every Sunday school class, saw it on every bumper sticker, and recited it about as many times as my ABC’s. These words became lifeless to me, just print on paper. It wasn’t until one day I heard the song “How Many Kings?” by Downhere, that these words became alive for me.
“Cause how many kings, stepped down from their thrones?
How many lords have abandoned their homes?
How many greats have become the least for me?” -How Many Kings

The first time I heard this, I was rocked to my core. Okay, let’s be real, I bawled like a baby. It got me thinking about how much God REALLY loves us. Here we are, the world, so screwed up and broken; and there He is, so perfect and Holy.  I mean honestly, if it were me, and I was the all knowing, I’d be like “Nope! I ain’t going down there, those people crazy!” But God, He so loved the world. Scripture has told us that time and time again.

He loved us so much that He sent his son, in his image, for 30+ years not only to bring us hope and rescue us, but to face everything that we face! To go through every temptation that’s thrown our way. He wanted to know exactly what we felt, so He could know not only how to help, but also to be able to say, “yeah I know that’s hard, it’s okay.”

The craziest part of all, is that we didn’t do one thing to deserve any of it. We could never do anything to deserve it. Romans 5:8 says, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” We were still sinning when Jesus got up on that cross, we were still sinning as his blood ran red. Even today we’re still sinners.

But John 3:16 tells us that we only have to do one thing – believe.

But guess what, it doesn’t even end there! Not only do we no longer have to pay for our sins because of the blood of Jesus. Not only do we have a piece of him in us, not only do we find peace in His forgiveness; John 3:16 gave us a promise- that if we believe in Him, we shall not perish, but have eternal life. WOW. So because I believe in Him, I get to live forever with a God who loved me so much that He watched His perfect son die for imperfect me. I don’t know many parents who would do that for me.

But God, He SO loves the world. ~ Arrianna


Your Turn:  What do you feel or think when you read this verse?  Has it lost meaning for you as well?  Or has it spoken to you now?  What revelations have you had about the love of God?  We’d love to hear from you! ~ Breath on Paper


One thought on “For God So Loved the World…

  1. But God, He SO loved the world. I love that. Yes, that verse had lost its meaning for me. Your words have helped me reignite the flame. In the one year Bible today we read about Christ being led to the cross. They spit on him and beat him. And God knew all that and allowed it for our sakes.

    Because He SO loved the world. Thank you Arriana.

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