Remain In His Love

“I have loved you even as the Father has loved me.  Remain in my love.”  John 15:9

img_2180 As I sit here writing, I’m recalling conversations I’ve had over the last week with a few friends,  each that are walking through something heartbreaking.  My heart is aching as I lift them up in prayer; my spirit is grieving for them as they each have lost something so very precious.  Each a completely different type of loss, but a great loss all the same.  I find myself asking God, why?  I could go down the list of how it’s all so unfair, and why is it that all the prayers that have been going up on their behalf, seem to be falling on Holy deaf ears???  Where’s His mercy???

It’s easy to get caught up in the hurt and frustration of painful circumstances, especially for my loved ones.  However, when praying on what to write for this topic, love, and although I’ve been distracted by what seems to be the absence of love in different capacities for my friends, God brought John 15:9 to my mind.  Immediately, I felt a wave of nostalgia rush over me.  He rewound my memory to a season not long ago, when I was walking through one of my toughest trials, and was so very focused on those circumstances.  It was then, while doing my morning devotion, that He provided me with this verse.

I’d spent months up to that point, fixated on my hurt and even the fear of losing a dream that the Lord had promised.  Willing for things to restore so I didn’t have to hurt anymore, I allowed this to consume my thoughts.  I’d become so focused on the storm and a promise as I had envisioned a certain way, and had lost complete sight of the love of the only One Who truly matters more than anyone else, who first made the promise and holds my future in His hands.  The only One Who loves me completely and unconditionally, without fail.

img_2177 I wrote that verse repeatedly until it became engrained in my memory and began to take shape in my mind and I developed a rich understanding of the words and the meaning they held.  He has loved me, all along, as the Father has loved Him, Jesus, savior of the world.  Hello?!  Even as I’ve placed Him lower on the totem pole when He belongs at the top, He still loves me as God loves Him.  And His reminder?  To remain in His love.  To remain in the promise He gave me.  It was from Him.

An excerpt from my journal that day that He gave me this verse: He’s telling me that though I can’t see it from where I’m sitting, things will be restored and be better than I could ever expect, in His timing.  Right now I need to trust Him in that and focus on where He has me right now and the blessings and tasks He has before me.  I need to stay focused on how much He loves me.  He gave me a vision and a promise, so not to worry on it because it’s from Him, so it will come to pass in His time.  The perfect time; just clearly not as I’ve imagined, but better.  He always does things better than we can dream up.  I have to stay in His presence.  Remain in His love!  Keep my eyes fixed on Him and not get distracted by what I see with my human eyes.

img_2178Fast forward to today, and I can say that things ARE better than I could’ve imagined and He is making good on His promise.  But I wouldn’t have seen it had I not redirected my focus back to Him with trust andtook refuge in His unfailing love for me, which can only be found by staying in His presence, and the only way to do that is by staying in His Word.

My heart still hurts for my friends, but my prayer now is  that they keep their focus on the One Who loves them as God has loved His only Son.  To trust Him even as it seems their promises are slipping through their fingers, that He will do what He has promised; but to remain in His love, no matter what. ~ Heather


Your Turn:  We all tend to fixate on our circumstances, the pain.  Therefore it distracts and consumes us from the truth of who God is and how much He loves us.  What do you need to release to Him today, completely so you can shift your focus from your circumstances back to His presence and remain in His love? ~ Breath on Paper

4 thoughts on “Remain In His Love

  1. Heather! Thank you for sharing this! I’m always blessed and am reassured everytime I read a post on here. This is what I needed. I too am so focused on what I wanted and how I thought my life would unfold. But, I too must remind myself that it’s not about me, but when God is ready for me to have those things. I must continue to trust that He knows what’s best for me and my life!

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    1. Thank you, Gineca! It means so much knowing that these posts minister to and bless you. The waiting is so tough, but if we refocus our eyes on Him and His love, it tends to increase our patience. 💜
      Love you, sweet friend!


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