Something Better


I prayed but God didn’t help


This week we are writing about when our prayers aren’t answered after our 21 days of praying and fasting. It can seem like it was all for nothing; getting up at 5am to be at church before 6am. Praying over others’ needs and beseeching God for your own. But no time spent with God is wasted.

For 5 years, twice each year, I had one primary prayer:  “God, release me from my job and allow me to stay home with my children.” When that answer seemed to be “no,” I modified my request. “Allow me to have a part time job so I can be there when they get home from school.” God said “no” and so did my husband.

I became angry; quietly, passive aggressively angry, at everyone, including God. It became my favorite topic to bemoan with friends and acquaintances, my unfulfilled desire.

But this year was different. The eyes of my heart finally saw that His answer wasn’t no. It was, “Sweet daughter, I have something infinitely better for you and your family.” My problem was that I saw the answer to my prayer only the way it was in my little brain. There couldn’t possibly be any other options. And our God is so much bigger than that. He means it when He says His thoughts are not my thoughts and my ways are not His ways.

On the 20th day of our January 21 days of prayer and fasting, I was finally able to surrender to whatever God had planned. I asked for forgiveness from God and my husband for my selfish self-focused attitude and behavior. They were both gracious in their response.

It seems that no matter the evidence to the contrary, we more often than not put God in our brain sized box. And no matter how many times we hear “God is bigger,” we still limit what we think He is capable of.

I don’t see yet all the fruit of God’s “better” for me. But the constant conversation with Him and those He sent my way kept me close to Him. I think if I had gotten my way I would have become too comfortable. And God reminds me daily that my comfort is not His concern. He wants my character to be more like His.

So, I’m taking my ‘if only’ regret and turning it into a ‘what if’ possibility. This semester I’m leading a small group using Mark Batterson’s book “if”. What if God has been preparing me, not punishing me? It feels like He is about to show Himself mighty this year. Join a small group this semester and meet with people who will celebrate the victories and the setbacks. God uses it all for His glory. Selah…

Your turn. What have you discovered about God in “I’ve got something better” answers to your prayers? About yourself? We’d love to hear your story? ~ Andrea

6 thoughts on “Something Better

  1. Great post Andrea! I think we probably can all identify with mistakenly thinking that the way see the prayer being answered in the only way it can be answered. God is so much bigger than our limited brains could ever comprehend and likewise are his solutions to our prayer requests. Thank you for the reminder that His ways are better than anything we could imagine for ourselves 😉

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  2. I can relate Andrea! I’m happy to see that you are turning God’s response into a positive thing! We must often times, like Joseph when put in the pit, adjust our attitude and find God in whatever it is that’s going on in our lives. Now matter how disappointed we may feel over not getting what we think is “really” needed for us in order for things to run smoother according to us. I recently closed my business of 20 yrs due to back/neck issues. I had accepted it when it happened, but as time went by I found myself questioning God as to why did He do it? Everything that I had worked for all of those years and poured my heart into it. I had clients of 20 yrs and my business was used almost like a ministry. I felt the loss and up until recently, I’ve finally accepted it. I believe that this site and blogging is a new direction and I hope to encourager others in Christ. I welcome you to check out my blogs and follow. We all need each other as we network for Christ! God Bless and keep up the great work!


      1. Great! Let’s remember to include in our prayers this blogging site and all that are reaching out in faith to spread His GOOD NEWS! Thank you so much for supporting me. God Bless!


      2. Thank you Andrea and thank you for following along!! we will encourage others together. This is all new to me. I’ve never blogged before but I think this will help others 🙂 Feel free to share with your friends!


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