Blessing Over Trouble

Because we are all sinners living in a fallen world, we will all experience trials and troubles. Sometimes these trials are because of our own sinful nature; sometimes they are the result of someone else’s sinful nature and sometimes we simply do not know why we are in the trial. Whether we are believers or not, spiritual laws and truths will affect us. Without doubt we are all subject to God’s Word. Because I love the Lord so very much and trust completely in His love for me, I must also trust the way He shows His love for me. This means trusting Him in times of trouble.hold-on

Whether I am experiencing one of life’s seemingly random irritant style troubles or I am deeply immersed in a major trial, I trust that God loves me enough to allow these trials to test and strengthen my faith. It is a process that I have not always welcomed or enjoyed. Honestly, there have been times when this refining process felt more like I was drowning than being refined. When it feels like troubled waters are crashing over me in waves holding me under, I think of the jeweler’s test known as “the water test”, which is a method of identifying a genuine diamond. When dropped in water, a genuine diamond sinks and maintains its brilliance. An imitation diamond will not sink and the brilliance is almost extinguished by the water. This test quickly reveals the real diamond. Such testing holds true for christians as well.

While I can not say that I always shine with the light and brilliance of God when I am immersed in a trial, I can say that with God’s grace I am a work of God’s craftsmanship always under spiritual refinement ever trying to be the light that radiates God’s love. As christians, we are the light. Others look to us to see how we handle our trials; to see if our faith is real and to see if we are genuine. We are the canvas on which God paints. We are the paper on which God writes His sermons. We must undergo the refining process of trials in order to provide God with a blank medium on which to work. Our trials prepare us for God’s use. What a blessing and honor it is to be used by God for His glory.

As I go though the refining process of trials and troubles, I do sometimes in prayer ask God why or what good can come of this. I have experienced all sorts of trials from violence and trauma to job loss and financial hardship to betrayal and divorce to loss and grief and much more. Although I can not say I have always been able to identify the good or the blessing each trial has brought. I can say that I trust God’s word and because I persevered, I can now choose to walk through the darkness with the Word God gave me in the light. I love the book of James; maybe because it is so full of everyday practical application for how we are to live as Christians. James 1:2-3 tells us to consider it pure joy whenever we face trials because the testing of our faith produces perseverance. James also tells us that when we persevere under trials, we will be blessed and receive the crown of life promised to those that love God. (James 1:12) I find it indescribably comforting in times of trouble to know and trust that God’s word is the ultimate and only authority for my life.

As believers we will experience times of trial; but our faith can never be destroyed if we put our faith in God despite these trials. This kind of loving perseverance results in the real blessing of eternal life. Necessarily then as believers, we can claim and declare blessing over our trouble because God is true to His word and honors His promises to us. ~ Tracey

~ ~ ~

Your Turn: Can you see your blessings over your troubles…even in spite of your troubles?   Can you praise God through your troubles? Share your Blessing Story with us.  ~ Breath on Paper

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