Best Year Ever

This will be your best year ever if it’s your best year spiritually.
This week begins 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting for many.  We take the first three weeks of the year to come together and pray…to seek God for the year ahead.  It’s kinda like the tithe!  When you give God your firsts, He blesses the rest. 
Every morning at 6:00 AM we meet at our church and have a few minutes of worship and a devotional. Then we are on our own to pray and worship for about a half hour.  At 6:45 AM we gather for corporate prayer led by the Pastor who gave the devotional.  It is a very powerful service that we each have our own role to play in. PRAISE.jpg
But what’s with the whole fasting thing?  I understand prayer, but why do we do without food, you might ask?
There’s quite a few verses mentioned in The Bible about fasting, seventy-five times, to be precise.  The Bible mentions fasting or doing without food for a season to seek God.  It addresses when to fast, why fast, and what to fast.
But what are reasons people fast today? Is it just to lose weight or show that we are more spiritual than our friends on Facebook? The purposes for fasting are much more important than those surface thoughts. The motivation should be centered on God and our relationship with Him. Fasting for biblical purposes should draw us closer to God. It should help us break away from the desire to satisfy our own self.
There are three basic types of fasting. You could go on a full fast in which you only drink liquids, a partial fast where you fast for part of the day, or you may desire to fast like Daniel of the Old Testament, who abstained from breads, sweets and meats, and the only liquid he drank was water. There are numerous options or any combination of these three. You could even do a different fast each week starting slow and building or starting with a full fast and tapering off each week.
What to expect? When you fast your body will begin throwing off toxins. (We have a lot of chemicals in our diets.) This can cause headaches and make you quite irritable during withdrawal from the caffeine and sugars. Of course, you will have hunger pains.  Limit your activity and take time to rest.
What fasting isn’t. It is not making a sacrifice to get Gods attention so He will do what you want.  ‘I prayed but God didn’t help’ will be your cry in three weeks if your heart isn’t right regarding fasting.  You could just be thinner.  But its’s not a diet!  Fasting is combined with prayer to build you up; make you stronger, spiritually.  Telling your flesh no, starving your body but feeding your spirit will produce a much better you.  This will be your best year ever if it’s your best year spiritually.
God has an amazing journey set before you for this year.  Prayer and fasting brings about miraculous results.
~ ~ ~
Your Turn: Join me. Jump in tomorrow. It’s not too late.  You don’t have to fast All foods…God sees your heart.  He has amazing things to show you if you will quiet your body and emotions, feed your spirit and seek His face.  You can join me online at 6 AM tomorrow.  (It will be available for 24 hours after each service. Find a quiet place and watch every day.)  His Mercies are new every morning. ~ Cindy 

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