The Day After Christmas

“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!”  2 Corinthians 9:15

It’s the day after Christmas 2015. By the time you read this, it’ll be 2 days after.  Just like every year, Christmas Day came and went in a whirlwind too quickly to process every minute. There was so much to do leading up to it, and of course so much going on the day of, that once it was over, I caught myself thinking, how much of it did we focus on the whole point of the day?

It seems each year, it’s more and more about the stuff we do, the gifts we give and not the One it’s really about. I’m as guilty of this as the next person. Especially since we’ve had kids. We get wrapped up in what we’re getting the kids, our family and friends as gifts, and spend little time being wrapped up in THE Gift of Jesus. The most incredible gift ever and the one that keeps on giving.  I try to remind myself repeatedly, but I still get caught up in the seasonal routine. We’re such creatures of habit, aren’t we?

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE spending Christmas with my family and seeing my kids light up as they open their gifts; delighted that they got what they’d wished for. I loved hosting Christmas morning at our house for the first time, and cooking breakfast for my parents and sisters as they shuffled through the front door of our new home, in their pajamas. That’s always been one of my favorite traditions, doing Christmas morning with my whole family, pajama style! It was wonderful.

But now it’s the day after. Every gift has been opened, every family event is done, and we will fall back into the same routine that we did before the Christmas season began, and we’ll do it all again next year. Christmas is over, right? This is where I get to make a choice. Cheesy as it may sound, Christmas doesn’t have to be over. It doesn’t have to end with the last present exchanged or the last bite of Christmas dinner, because it’s not about any of that. That’s just some of the things we do to celebrate. It is now and always has been and forever will be about Jesus.gift26th

The day He was born was the day Love came down, and that was just the beginning. The day AFTER Love came down was just as epic, and so was the day after that, and the day after that. With the exception of the few who were there to witness His birth, the rest of the world would go on as normal, at least as they knew it, but everything had changed even if they hadn’t or couldn’t see it. For those who had experienced the first Christmas Day, the day after would find them to be the exact opposite of the world, though nothing they could physically see had changed around them, they would never be the same.  The same is for us. The day after Christmas Day is every bit as incredible of a gift, if we choose to see it. We can fall back into routine, or we can allow ourselves to stay focused on Who it’s all about in the fist place. Every day. Praise Him, worship Him, love Him and celebrate Him every day.

I don’t want the “stuff” we do this time of year to be what I remember most about the holiday when I look back. Nor do I want to catch myself having the mindset, “Christmas is over” come the day after. I want to remain focused on Him, the Gift that He was and is and forever will be, every day.


Your Turn: How was your Christmas?  How are you AFTER Christmas?  We’d love to hear your Christmas stories and revelations.  Please share below. ~ Heather

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