Not By Sight

I’m excited and honored to introduce Lacey Marchant as our guest author today!  I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Lacey after she joined my women’s small group back in early fall.  She has since become a precious friend of mine.  

She is an amazing wife and mother with a beautiful heart for the Lord, as well as a very gifted writer who also blogs on her site, Isaiah53Five. Completely authentic, she has a beautiful gift for being transparent about real life and focusing on Jesus through it all.  I know you will enjoy her post.  

Thank you, Lacey for giving your time and talent to Breath on Paper, today. ~ Heather Whidden


IMG_1261“For we live by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

I’ve spent the last week telling friends in difficult situations that the Word of God tells us to live by faith and not by sight. Seemed like merely moments later, I was given the opportunity to “practice what I preach.” Yeesh! Walking by faith, rather than sight, can be fairly difficult at one time or another.

Without getting too detailed, I’ve suddenly found myself in a situation where everything around me says, “This isn’t going to turn out well.  None of this is. In fact, CONGRATULATIONS! Your life is going to be a disaster from here on out.” For about four hours, I believed what the world was telling me. I was crushed. Defeated. Hopeless. Angry. Fortunately, that verse came to mind again while I sat, head in hands, pleading “Fix it, Jesus!” I picked myself up, dusted myself off, fell down a few more times, got back up, and focused on God’s truth. It’s going to be okay. It’s all going to work out for His good, whether I like this situation and whether those around me attempt to keep me in the situation, or not. I just need to keep living by faith.

When I accepted the invitation to be a guest writer here, I had a totally different Christmas-themed idea in mind. That went flying out the window when all I could focus on minute by minute was remembering God’s truth for my own life. And yes, despite being a woman with great faith, it truly is a minute by minute thing for me right now–when it often feels like so much is at stake.  IMG_1263

Although this isn’t the Christmas themed post I intended, as I was listening to the Christmas story, it became a little easier to see why I need to & that I can live by faith. My struggles with my marriage, my finances, and everything else can’t possibly compare to having to come home from a few months out of town, tell my soon-to-be-husband that I’m pregnant and “by the way, it’s The Holy Spirit’s child.”  Even that cannot compare to hearing that from a spouse. Mary had no reason to question the circumstances, she knew it was the truth. Joseph, no doubt, had the most incredible task of walking by faith and not by sight I could ever imagine. What he knew was that he didn’t get her pregnant, but he listened to God through the angel sent to him in his dream & chose to have faith. His choice to do so led to the birth of our Savior. Can you imagine this happening in this day and age? I’d hope that I could have the faith that Joseph had, but I’m not sure a dream, some trumpets played by angels in my living room, and four appearances on Maury would convince me. But if Joseph could have faith in God so strong that, having every legal (at that time) right to have Mary stoned to death, he still chose to listen to & have faith in the message from God and take her as his wife anyway–I know that those of us with our daily struggles (and even our ginormous, life-altering ones) can crack open the Word of God, listen for Him to speak to us, act on it, and have faith that everything is going to be more than just okay–it is going to work out for His good, regardless of what our current situation looks like.  ~ Lacey

~ ~ ~

Your Turn:  Are you in a ‘much at stake’ time of your life?  Find Peace in knowing that what it looks like is not the way God sees it.  He has a beautiful plan to take what we see and make it so much better than we could ever imagine.  ~ Breath on Paper

4 thoughts on “Not By Sight

  1. Lacey, thanks for writing this. I love your writing style. It’s very friendly. Thanks to Heather for including the link to your blog. The first 2 posts I read there hit me where I live. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I show up as a mother and wife to my husband and kids and have fallen short in my eyes. Thanks for sharing your struggles so openly. But also for sharing your hope.

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  2. Thank y’all so much for giving me the opportunity to write here. It’s beyond humbling to know my words are found worthy enough to be featured alongside so many beautiful people’s beautiful messages. ❤️


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