WE are the Women of the Church

Lord, can you use me?

The last twelve weeks we have looked closely at the women of the first church (in Acts), not only to see what we can learn about them but what we can learn from them.  The topic of this week’s blog is just that….What have these women shown me? What have I learned the last twelve weeks?

We began our blog with Dorcus, not the rock star of our slate of names but she was raised from the dead through Peter’s prayers. Next we wrote about Lydia and her purple dyes.  Then we went on to our married couple, Priscilla and Aquila and next to the mother/daughter team of Eunice and Lois. In week five we wrote about the Slave Girl that stalked Paul and week six was Drusilla the beautiful.  Damaris at Mars Hill and Phillip’s four daughters took us all the way to week eight.  Nine was the young Rhoda leaving Peter at the gate and week ten was the grumbling widows.  Finally we wrote of the trustworthy Phoebe to wrap up our semester.

In my contemplating and still trying to figure out what I would write about this week, I finally asked God to show me what the common thread was in all these women that He had Luke include in the book of Acts.  Then it hit me in the middle of church Wednesday night…These women were common, everyday women. Some were single, some were married, some were business women, some were royalty and some were slaves. But when we look past their titles, they were all real, day-to-day women, just like us.  God used everyday women to define the Church in the documentation of history which Dr. Luke wrote for us to learn from…the example of what He wants the church (us) to look like.
paper-dolls-cutoffsThese women were normal women who gave what they had and allowed God to use it.  They were humble, ordinary women, who were willing to give God all that they had, all that they were, and still they remained humble, regular but noteworthy women. The Bible does not glorify these women.  They are not even the main characters of Luke’s  telling.  But they were women who could be trusted by God.  None of them went off and started their own ministry.  None of them gathered a following and began doing something ‘great’ for The Lord.  No!  They remained humble.  They served faithfully. They gave all that they had.  They allowed God to get the glory and not themselves.  These noteworthy women of the first church were regular, real women.
I think we have all dreamed of being a rock star for God.  We look at the women out front in the church today and quietly think…I wonder if I could do that?  I wonder if God could use me to do something great?    What is my ministry?  Lord, could you really use me?  
The last twelve weeks has shown me that I don’t have to be a rock star for God to use me.  If I am faithful to love God with all my heart and give Him everything that I have, He will use me in ways I can’t even begin to imagine.  Just like the women of the first church, my role is to remain ordinary and humble, to allow God room to work through me, and to give Him all the glory.
God uses the ordinary to do the extraordinary.
Your Turn: Have you ever dreamt about God using you?  Or maybe a better question is what dream has He put in your heart?  We would love to hear your heart for God’s call on your life.  Share below in Leave a Reply. ~ Cindy

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