The Sky is Falling

Do you have that friend or coworker who doesn’t have a good word to say about anything? I do.  It almost seems like he has the spiritual gift of complaining. I find myself wondering how one person can find so many faults with EVERY thing in his life!

Walt Disney  –  Chicken Little

The sky is always falling. Do you remember the nursery rhyme about Chicken Little? Chicken Little told Henny Penny that the sky was falling.  They ran to tell Turkey Lurkey the same, who in turn they told Ducky Lucky & then on to Goosey Loosey. But when these birds told Foxy Loxy the nursery rhyme concludes with “they ran into Foxy Loxy’s den, But they did not come out again!”

Isn’t that what too often happens? We get hit on the head by an acorn and then chase it to a bitter end.

I’m sure I drive my coworker equally as crazy!  I have almost the polar opposite outlook on life. It’s the half full – half empty glass scenario. The sky could actually be falling and I’m pointing out how glorious it is to have big chunks of the sky down. (I’m not sure what that actually looks like but you get my point.)

Where’s the balance?  Life is not perfect!  Bad things do happen. There can be a silver lining. What should our response as Christian women be when it seems the sky indeed will fall?  The widows of Acts six give us some insight into how to maneuver through a difficult time.

Now in these days when the disciples were increasing in number, a complaint by the Hellenists arose against the Hebrews because their widows were being neglected in the daily distribution. Acts 6:1

Lets look a little closer at what Dr. Luke, the writer of Acts is telling us here. First, we need to see that the church had growing pains. Acts 2; three thousand were added to the church that day. Acts 4; but many who heard believed; so the number of men who believe grew to about five thousand. So to say they had growing pains is an understatement.

Secondly, there’s the Hellenist verses the Hebrew widows.  You probably experienced this if you ever changed schools as a kid. The new kid verses the ones who have been there. But this was way more serious than girl clicks. You see, during these times there was no Social Security program to help a woman who had lost her husband. The church helped the widows with food. That’s what God had commanded to Moses, thousands of years earlier.

So how did these women deal with the reality of their sky falling?  I don’t believe they were like me and focused on the silver lining. But they weren’t like my coworker either. They could have literally  been forced to sell themselves into slavery to stay alive. No, not theses widows of Acts 6! Dr. Luke simply indicates that they made their problem known and worked with the leaders to find a great solution. Verse five gives us a list of seven honorable men who became the servants of the church to help care for the widows. These men all had Greek names. Remember, it was the Greek (Hellenists) widows who were being neglected.

I can hear my coworker now, well that’s just great!  Now the Hebrew widows will be neglected.  But the key word here is “honorable” men. Honorable men (and women) do what is right.

~ ~ ~

Lord, help me to be an honorable woman. Focus my eyes on what You would have me see, not just the bad and not only the good. Lead me to be the solution…through Your direction. ~ In Jesus Name, Amen.


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