Seeing Is Believing

Acts 12:13-15

To be honest I had a difficult time with this week’s post. There was to much going on in my head that I could not find the words. I missed Sunday’s deadline for turning it in but I am hoping to have it written and ready to post by the end of the week. So, with that said this will be short and sweet.

During this time King Herod began persecuting belivers of the church. He had James killed and Peter imprisoned to impress Jewish leaders who opposed Christians. While the king was impressing Jewish leaders Peter’s friends were gathered at Mary’s house praying for his release. An angel of the Lord led Peter from his jail cell to the gates of the city and disappeared. Realizing he was set free Peter made his way to the home of Mary. Peter knocks on the door and Rhoda a servant girl comes to the door. She recognizes the voice on the other side and runs to tell the others . They don’t believe her but when Peter knocks again and they see with their own eyes they are shocked to believe that their prayers had been answered.

Must we see to believe? Rhoda, our leading lady did not need to see Peter to know it was him, she recognized his voice. Rhoda may have been a young slave girl but she was wise beyond her age. She was full of joy, confident in knowing who her God is and thankful for answered prayer.

When people see me, I hope they see what I saw in Rhoda. Joy, confidence and a thankful heart.

~ ~ ~

Your Turn: When you look in the mirror, what do you see? What will others see? Share below ~ Tonya

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