I Was Here

Damaris – Her name is only given once, and it almost sounds like an afterthought in Luke’s writings of Acts. However, I’m quite certain that she was anything BUT an afterthought. The Word tells us that she was there, at Mars Hill, when Paul was giving the message of the gospel, and that she received the Truth. This is the same time the beautiful Drusilla refused to accept the same gospel Paul shared with her. I find it quite interesting that the scriptures give us the accounts of these two women right next to each other. Research states that Damaris was a woman of high social status, and was extremely well-educated considering that she was at Mars Hill to begin with, a place where you wouldn’t find women at all unless they were BOTH elite and very educated. So, like Drusilla, she was also a woman of power and high social standing….but she DID receive Jesus.

History goes on to tell us that Damaris is recognized as a saint in both the Greek Orthodox and Catholic churches. We don’t have details of what she did to earn this title, but it’s clear she left a mark on this world.   They don’t make you a saint just because you receive the gospel. She went on to do something with her salvation, something impacting with the message. I wish I knew what it was she did, what domino affects her life and obedience to the Lord played in the church across time. This is something we’ll never know on this side of heaven, but is fascinating to think about; how much one life, can impact the course of history and time.

YOUR life can have this impact, not at just receiving the free gift of salvation that Jesus offers but then doing something with it. And it’s not just that it can, but it’s suppose to! We’re all created for a specific purpose; to do something specific in this world, in this time. In fact, God orchestrated this whole universe around your purpose BEFORE He created the universe. He created you with your purpose already in mind. You’re not an afterthought either, the exact opposite, actually. You’re meant to leave your mark on this world in ways you can’t even begin to imagine, changing lives for the glory of the cross. God strategically, placed you in this moment in time, knowing the very things you would walk through, so He could use you in mighty ways to make a difference for the kingdom.

I challenge you today to rise up and step into your God-given purpose. Rise up as the beloved daughter of the King that you are and make your mark with Jesus by your side. Together you will move mountains and shake the foundations. This is who I want to be. Not for any personal glory, but I want to live my life every day walking in my purpose, making my mark for the kingdom. And there may come a time in future history that like our girl, Damaris, there may not be a record of the things I’ve done, but it will be undeniable that I was here…just as she was here. I was here.

~ ~ ~

Your Turn 

Just like someone left a mark on your life, we too leave marks on those around us.  Share your story of how someone impacted your life.    Come share your thoughts on our blog.  Leave a Reply ~ Heather     

2 thoughts on “I Was Here

  1. So beautifully written and inspiring. What a comfort to know (and be reminded) that God has ordained all of our days to be used for His kingdom. Nothing is wasted…..blessed times as well as difficult times serve a purpose in our walk with God. God loves us enough to use us to make a mark in His kingdom!

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