Hear My Voice

Acts 16:14-21

Can you hear me now?

I only wanted to be heard. I mean really heard. Don’t you ever just want someone to listen with their hearts and not just their ears? To hear what you aren’t speaking with words but screaming from your soul, “Hear me, see me!” That was all I wanted from the religious man Paul. I knew he could see me. He could hear the real me even though he knew my lot.

I am the demon-possessed girl written of in Acts 16. I don’t remember how I came to be this way, just that I am. Being a slave is all I’ve ever known. There was never a time when someone wasn’t using me for their gain. Telling me what to do and when to do it. When the spell of the demon was on me, shrill cries would erupt from my throat and I would give people the answers they sought. As if hearing from a demon would ensure future success or protect from impending doom. It was just proof that we hear and believe what we choose.

Yes, there were benefits for me as one who brings wealth to her masters. Many of those who sought my particular kind of information were among the wealthiest in town. I wore pretty things and went to places others only dreamt of.  But, I heard what Lydia and the women at the river heard when Paul spoke of the one, true Christ. I saw them baptized and the pure joy that shone on their faces as they came up from the water. It was a possession of another kind. They said it was the Holy Spirit.


After that, I kept after Paul, proclaiming him to be a slave as well, but of the Most High God. A man who could show you the way to salvation. Day after day, I spoke those things. I was so very tired of my life and I knew he could hear what my heart desired. Perhaps it was because I had been demon possessed for so long that he didn’t believe me at first or maybe God wanted to show as many as possible that at the name of Jesus Satan would have to flee. But when Paul was frustrated enough, he called the demon out and healed me in that same hour.

I was of no more use to my owners and they had Paul and his friend Silas thrown into prison. Just as I despaired of what would happen to me, sweet Lydia came and took me in. At her home I, and many others learned more of this Jesus and how through him we could all be saved. The possession of this earthly form by the Holy Spirit is indeed sweet and he shines from inside me.

My sister, the same God who fashioned the ear and formed the eye, does hear and see you just as He did me. Be encouraged sweet sister and serve Him all your days.    Selah…

~ ~ ~

Your Turn

Has there ever been a time when you just wanted to be heard?  Who heard your voice?  Do you remember the time that you knew that God was who He says He is?   Come share with us on our blog. We’d love to hear from you! ~ Andrea